10 Reasons Why Being Single Is The Best

10 Reasons Why Being Single is the BestIf you’ve been single for a while then you know it’s pretty freaking awesome. Sure, being in a relationship is fantastic when you’ve found the right person, but until that time comes, why not relish in the fact that you can do whatever you want?

Here are 10 reasons why being single is the best.

1. You Can Eat Whatever and Whenever You Want

No more swapping unhealthy foods for better foods. No more dieting to look good.

You can eat what you want, when you want. Go ahead and eat a plate full of nachos while you sit and watch Game of Thrones.

Feel like having ice cream for breakfast? No problem. Whip out a spoon and eat away. While you might do this with a boyfriend around, chances are, you won’t want to give him a bad impression of yourself.

Have fun being single and don’t worry if you feel like lasagna one night or want to go on a juicing fast for the next month. The point is, you live on your own, so you follow your own rules.

2. You Can Take Your Sweet Ass Time Getting Ready

Isn’t this the best? You don’t have your boyfriend yelling in the other room to hurry up! You can put on that skin-tightening lavender face mask that takes 45 minutes without your man bugging you to go.

3. Going On Many First Dates

first dateHave a date Friday night? You can dress to impress and know you just want to have fun. No getting serious for this woman. Or, you can go with your gal pals to a club and have a blast meeting new guys.

The point is, if you don’t want to be in a relationship, you have the option of just having fun. Forget his name? Who cares?

Being carefree should be synonymous with being single.

4. Your Bed Is All Yours

You don’t have to share your bed with a 190 lb, 6-foot-4 dude who likes to steal the covers. How great is this? You can take as much room as you want, sleep with a billion blankets and not have to hear anyone snore.

5. No Awkward Dinners At Your Partner’s Family

Going over to your boyfriend’s family house always caused you anxiety? Having to be on your best terms can be a challenge if you like to have fun and goof around.

Maybe you have a few too many drinks and accidentally tell an inappropriate joke in front of your guys’ mother. Oops!

6. You Don’t Have to Watch Typical Guy Movies

That’s right. No need to watch the latest Vin Diesel movie where there’s more explosions than people in the film.

7. You Can Keep The House Temperature Any Degree You Want

Isn’t it weird that most guys think it’s too hot? All you want to do is jack up the heat and snuggle on the couch with a blanket and popcorn. Your boyfriend, however, is sweating balls and quickly turns down the heat.

Well, being single solves all this. Turn up the heat; lower the heat. Do whatever the hell you want!

8. You Don’t Have to Hang Out With His Friends

No more cleaning up after them and no more having to load up on beer like your running a fraternity house. Those days are long gone.

9. You Don’t Have to Keep Up With Appearances

Don’t feel like shaving today? Who cares. When you’re single you don’t have to impress anyone. So throw away your razors and be free!

10. No Drama

We saved the best for last. No more fighting and getting into little arguments over who left the toilet seat up or didn’t throw away the empty milk container sitting in the fridge.

When you live with someone else, you have to learn to tolerate each other. But, if you’re single, you have the whole place to yourself.

Have Fun While it Lasts

Sure, you wont’ be single for the rest of your life. Eventually you will meet the guy of your dreams and fall in love. But, until then, have fun discovering yourself and figuring out what you want in a man.

If you’re single, tell us, what’s the best part about not having a partner around?