4 Easy Tips for Youthful Skin

Ladies, we are all searching for that dramatic, one-time fix for youthful skin. Too bad that here in the real world there are things like stress, the sun, and chemicals to prematurely age us.

I hold out hope that one day Sam Heughan will appear on a magical rainbow cloud and hand me a tube of never ending awesome skin cream for permanent youth…..and his undying devotion.

But, until that day arrives, (I swear it’s gonna happen,) we have to utilize what science gives us. So here we go!

Don’t Tan

Honestly, I’m being obvious. Unless you’ve lived in a bunker your whole life, (in which case your skin may be just fine,) then you know this is a true story.

Here are some fun facts for you sun goddesses:

  • 11 states and the District of Columbia have banned minors from using tanning beds.
  • 3.5 million skin cancers are diagnosed annually in the U.S.
  • The most dangerous types of UV rays (which tanning beds use) can change the DNA in cells, which is what experts believe causes skin cancer.

If these tiny facts of horror aren’t enough to chill your thoughts of tanning, let me tell you that I work with skin cancer patients all day, (I work for a dermatologist by the way).

There are more people than I would like to admit coming through our doors that are younger than I am. I’m thirty, which isn’t fresh off the farm but is WAY too young for the size cancers I see being excised every day, (think 4-6 cm being removed from your face/body).

Just stop. Your skin will thank you. I may no longer have job security, but I think I’m ok with that.

Drink More Water

Unfortunately, all the 8 ounces of water daily sermons you’ve heard are true. Skin is an organ and skin cells, like all other cells in the body, are made up of water. Organs will not function properly without water.

For skin, this means getting dry, not healing as quickly (as in reproducing skin cells,) and making wrinkles more prominent. I had a nightmare about this once…

The truth is that water will be absorbed by all other organs before the skin, which is part of the reason why 8 ounces is needed before a difference in skin quality is visible.

But we live in 2017, so there are tons of ways to pretend you aren’t drinking water and to track it. There are tons of apps for tracking water intake, (yay!) You can also go to literally any chain store and get either a fruit-infusing water bottle or the tiny bottles of flavoring with vitamin or caffeine add-ins.

Because caffeine isn’t a maybe kind of thing.

KISS: Keep it Simple…Skin…

Here’s the thing. There are one zillion sites that recommend something different for your skin type. Many products have chemicals that can erase the effects of another one. So layering on a bunch of different things doesn’t freaking work. Also, you don’t have time for that.

I suggest a basic skin care regimen: Wash, tone, moisturize.

I went to the medispa in my practice and had one of the aestheticians work out a skin regimen for me, and it’s worked great. Like…I look like I have adult skin now…not teenage skin.

FYI, I am prone to acne and have extreme combination skin. If you’re in my boat, you may want to go have someone check you over. I almost died when she gave me a moisturizer to try, but it has been a game changer.

Basic business for your face. Don’t stress out your skin.

Balance Your Life

I don’t mean that you have to be perfectly healthy, but watching your eating habits, exercise, and getting enough sleep is great for your skin. Great for your whole body, really.

Balanced Life Facts:

  • Sleep allows your body to secrete the human growth hormone, which promotes cell regeneration and collagen production.
  • Exercise increases blood flow, which will send nutrients to the skin. (Ever noticed that your ass is tighter after squats?)
  • Healthy eating and drinking habits free up your organs to do what they’re supposed to do, instead of trying to get the fake and unhealthy stuff processed and out of your body.

But let’s be real. I do maybe two of those on a good day. It’s all about trying to be the healthiest you can be. For me, that means getting less sleep and going to the gym, or skipping a meal to sleep in, etc.

Do what you can, when you can. It will still make a difference!