5 Fashion Tips for the Secret Fashionista

Every fashion enthusiast has a less than perfect shopping experience at times.

It usually starts with you walking into a local store, looking through all the items available for sale and buying what you think is a good deal.Secret Fashionista

But, as time goes by, you start to realize maybe you made the wrong choice.

You start to think, maybe some of the best buys aren’t the ones that can be bought at a sale, but the ones that prove their price’s worth in time.

So, before you shop till you drop, a lot of thought must be put into buying clothes.

You might ask yourself, “will this design make me look good or not?” but, the most important thing to keep in mind while shopping is the fashion.

The latest styles set the bar for clothing and accessories to be worn by the masses. When you pick out a dress or a top that’s in sync with the latest trends you are guaranteeing yourself a good buy.

Every fashionista knows this and makes it a point to live by this rule.

But, for those of us wishing to be a fashion know-it-all, how to we look our best every day?

Having the internet at our disposal can help us with finding good fashion. But, how do we know what works and doesn’t work?

Here are 5 fashion tips every secret fashionista must live by:

1. Understand the Reason Behind the Clothes

It’s important to know how the clothes will work for your lifestyle.

Will this outfit be a casual one you wear regularly or will it be the kind that is reserved exclusively for special occasions such as parties and events? Based on the answer to those questions you can draw a conclusion on what kind of clothes you are looking for.

2. Envision Your Look Before You Fashion Hunt

There’s an unspoken rule to buying clothes and that’s to always have a picture of the look you are going for in your head.

Without this mental image pushing you in the right direction you may end up buying items that do not go with each other at all.

High heels3. Never Go Without An Accessory

Your final outfit isn’t complete without some bling bling.

Opt for a good pair of heels or sharp shoes for when deciding what to wear. Couple those up with a handbag and some trendy jewelry and you will find yourself the center of attention in a room full of people.

4. Be Bold With Color

Although it’s safe to go with simple colors to flatter your image, if you want to stand out, be bold.

A bright color will give you plenty of attention and here’s how to get the right kind of attention: The only way to pull of brighter colors is if you are going for a bold look. When this happens, make sure your dress is the focus of your overall look. All other items in your look must work to compliment your bold color dress.

5. Don’t Let Your Personality Get Away From Your Dress

One of the most important rules of fashion is to try your hardest to keep in touch with your personality. Even if you find the perfect designer dress for your hot date, you must take extra care to add a personal touch to it. Maybe you have a special bracelet that your mom gave you. Or, you own a cute belt that, when people see you were it, know it’s your spunky personality.

So, now you know the secret behind the fashionitsa.

It won’t be so difficult to achieve your dream look. Just make sure you try on different looks from time to time.

Remember, it’s never wrong for a person to repeat an outfit. But, if you always wear it, then it may become a stale look for you.

So, make sure you are constantly innovating and experimenting with the way you look and let your inner fashionista out!

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