5 Practical Ways For Singles To Be Happy and Enjoy Life

Are you unhappy because you are a single lady?

5 Practical Ways For Singles To Be Happy and Enjoy LifeDo you think your chances of having a happy and enjoyable life has been drastically reduced due to your single status?

Are you feeling sorry for yourself because you are not in a relationship at the moment or even for a while now?

Well ….. I have good news for you. Being happy and enjoying your life is up to you. Whether you are in a relationship or not.
Whether you are single or married. Meaning you don’t have to wait until you are married or in a relationship before having a happy and enjoyable life.

Bottom line, you can be happy and also enjoy your life as a single lady.

So how? You may ask. Simple!

Here are 5 practical ways that you should consider.

1. Change Your Mindset

Start by telling yourself repeatedly that nothing is wrong with you. Then believe it. Understand that your single status is a phase that you are going through in life. Stop comparing yourself to others. Have a plan for your life and keep to it. Stop relying on other people to make you feel complete.

Know that you can be single without being lonely. Don’t give control of your life to others.

2. Keep Learning and Improving

Because you are a single lady, you have more time to yourself. Don’t you agree? So use it wisely in a productive manner.
Identify something you’ve been postponing for a while and do it now. Learn a new skill and or take up a new hobby.

Are there conferences, retreats, workshops or seminars that you have been dreaming of attending one day? Take steps to attend now! Are there new trainings and courses that you have been thinking of doing? Do them now! Do you have a few rusty skills that needs to be brushed up?

Now is a very good time!

Do you need to get rid of some bad personal habits? Address them now! Identify your strengths and further strengthen them.
Identify your weaknesses and take steps to improve on them so that you can be a better person.

3. Enjoy Your Life Now

Appreciate everything you have and stop focusing on what you don’t have. If you stop and think about it for a moment, you’ll discover you have a lot to be grateful for. Identify your passions and hobbies and spend time on them. Learn to enjoy your own company. Have a source of income and strive to be financially independent.

Better still, have multiple sources of income.

Take very good care of your finances. Learn to understand who you are as a person. Stay away from negative people. Plan ahead for weekends and holidays. From time to time, give yourself a treat. When you achieve milestones, spoil yourself as a reward

4. Take Care of Your Health

Laugh more! Don’t hold grudges! Forgive yourself and forgive others. Avoid having negative thoughts.
Have enough sleep at night.

Develop healthy eating habits, eating more fruits and vegetables. Identify what stresses you and find ways to avoid them. Avoid unhealthy food and drinks. Exercise regularly.

Drink plenty of water every day. Don’t wait until your body demands it so take a break and relax from time to time.

5. Help Others

Volunteer your time / services / skills to causes that are important to you e.g hospitals, soup kitchen, homeless shelters, orphanages, animal shelter, etc. Donate to charities that you believe in, financially and in other ways.

Be a good neighbor and or a good colleague at work by helping out when necessary.


Being happy and enjoying one’s life is a decision. Don’t allow your single status to prevent you from enjoying your life.
Always remember this ….. while you are lamenting your single state, some married ladies are also lamenting their married status, wishing they are still single.

Can you beat that?

So, make up your mind to be happy and to enjoy your life as a single lady. And you know the funny thing?

Most likely, you’ll also be happy and enjoy your life whenever you get married or start a relationship.
So, don’t give up.

And don’t lose hope!

How do you think single ladies can be happy and enjoy their life? Please tell us in your comments!