5 Steps to A Happier You

5 Steps to A Happier YouLife is like a roller coaster ride, with highs and lows.

Some days you’d be bustling with energy, laughing with all your heart and be ready to take on anything that comes your way. And then there are those days when you don’t even want to step out of your room, not talk to anyone and just feel like hiding yourself behind a rock.

You would lose hope, feel lonely, anxiety would surround you and there would be all sorts of questions you want answered.

These are the days when you need to remind yourself that you don’t have control over the outside events; however, what you do have control over is your thoughts.

It is these thoughts which can make or break a person. These thoughts which tell you to go on or just let go of everything and which become part of your character. If you would have negative thoughts and surround yourself with negativity you would be unable to see the positive side of any situation.

Constant negative thinking closes doors to opportunities and happiness. Keeping a positive approach can help us overcome anything that comes our ways and we can get through even the worst of circumstances. This positive thinking only comes when you achieve inner happiness and realize it is only you who can keep you happy.

Staying happy is actually not all that difficult. We have listed below things you can do to achieve a happier you.

1. Be Kind and Helpful

Have you seen how happy grandparents get when they are helping their grandchildren?

Have you ever done a good deed and felt good inside? There are going to be times when you would help someone in need, somebody whom you know might not be able to do anything for you in return. If you have ever done anything like that you must’ve experienced unmatched inner happiness.

Happiness and self satisfaction comes out of selfless good deed. When growing up we would do things for our friends and siblings without thinking of what we would get in return and we were always happy. Helping someone is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself.

2. Be Active

You should make some sort of a physical activity part of your daily routine like running or jogging. It doesn’t just mean you start pumping iron or get the membership to the gym.

You can stay active in a number of ways. You can go for a nice stroll in the park, go for a swim, and take up dance or yoga. Whatever it is that you enjoy! You could even take your pet for a walk or if you have kids take some time out to play with them. When you engage in this sort of an activity your brain produces hormones like endorphins which reduce stress and make you feel happy. You will naturally become healthier and fitter too, who doesn’t want that?

3. Breath Slowly & Meditate

Did you know that slow and even breathing boosts level of serotonin in our bodies, a happiness boosting hormone and reduces stress?

It is natural to start breathing fast when we are angry or in a stressful situation. According to the experts breathing can also determine whether our thoughts in a situation are positive or negative. So next time when you are angry or stressed remember to take a deep breath.

People who meditate and breathe deeply regularly swear by its positive effects. Meditation calms your nerves, helps you to focus and relieves any stress. You can start by practicing meditating for 10 minutes initially, and once you start enjoying it you can build it up to longer periods.

4. Set Achievable Targets

The main reason for disappointments and depression is when our expectations aren’t met. These expectations can be from others as well as ourselves. We are often disappointed when we set a goal and are unable to achieve it.

We need to realize that life doesn’t always goes as planned. Similarly, if we set out to achieve too much, we will be utterly disappointed. One must always have goals and targets in life, but if you plan to lose 30 pounds in a month and are unable to do so, you will be disappointed, depressed and have low self-esteem.

Instead if you break this into small achievable targets such as 3-4 pounds a week, you are more likely to cross these milestones and head towards the next one with more persistence and determination. Also with every milestone achieved you would be looking forward to the next one with more fervor and feeling much better about yourself.

5. Spend Time With Positive People

This is the rule of thumb for becoming happy. If you tend to be around people who are always complaining, are unsatisfied with their life or arguing, their negativity will brush on you. You will also start to have negative and unhappy thoughts. You might even start to see your life as miserable.

However, if you surround yourself with people who are healthy and have a healthy approach towards life, you will naturally become positive like them. These things don’t happen overnight and you might not even notice the changes in your attitude at first, but if you find yourself unhappy take a look at your surroundings and the company you have been keeping, and remember keeping a happy company is one of the best ways to stay happy.

We have listed the basic steps to a happier you. You must always remember it is only you who is in charge of your happiness. You should never let people, their behavior and circumstances, which are all outside forces, affect you and your thoughts negatively.