5 Summer Fashion Trends For the Busy Mom

5 Summer Fashion Trends for the Busy MomInternational runways always brings us new fashion trends, color fabrics, accessories and makeup every season and fall. But, can a busy mom pull it off?

Life is chaotic when you’re a mom – playgroups, laundry, organizing the living room and running to appointments can leave you little time to look your best.

While you don’t want to ignore your fashion, you run the risk of making some fashion mistakes you may not even be aware of, or worse yet – dressing as if you’re in college, but you’re in your 30’s.

Well, summer is almost here and now is the time to start focusing on you and getting ready to look your best.

We at LifeStyleBody bring for you 5 summer fashion trends that will become a staple during any summer.

So check out the styles that are hot this coming summer.


Because of the scorching heat, women prefer to pull their hair back into a pony tail or bun.

For an easy and fashionable way to wear your hair, you can use clips, headbands or even transform a silk scarf into a head wrap (slightly thicker than headbands, go for floral and bright colored ones during the day and satin or metallic ones during the evening) for a cool and chic summer look.



Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your eyes. Trending eye makeup for summer are winged looks with glitters, bright colors. Cat eyes for a feline gaze.

You can opt for your own imaginative versions for this classic trend. Pastels and bright eye makeup are very much in trend during summer. To stay in trend keep a minimalistic look.


Red lipsRed lips are in this season. Right from scarlet to ruby lips, red lipsticks are here to stay this summer.

If you’re not bold enough to experiment with a red look than you can opt for subtle shades of pink.

From candy-colored pink or brighter fuchsia to the sober purple, pink lips, these colors are ideal for summer.

And if you aren’t a lipstick wearing mom, you can always “fake” the look with a colored lip balm.


Love those pink cheeks? Pink blushes make your face refreshing during summer. Just a hint of pink or bit more than that will make you look bright.

The no make-up look or the natural look is also ideal during summer and those who are fond of this look can go ahead with this look. Simply highlight one feature of your face keeping the rest minimal with concealer or completely do away with the made up look. It is definitely a statement look for summer.


Nothing can compliment your outfit better than the right matching accessories for your outfit.

Get a floppy straw hat to protect your face from the scorching sun. Perfect for a day at the beach or by the swimming pool. Also, don’t step out without a pair of sunglasses. Go for one that covers your eyes completely especially over-sized sunglasses.

To add more style to your outfit, a necklace will compliment your outfit (a maxi dress or a tube dress).

If you love to use big handbags for the summer months, then go for bright colors and unique texture.

Don’t always like to check the time on your cell phone?

Then opt for a cute and colorful watch. Or you can go for colorful bangles or bangle bracelets to add a splash of color to your summer look if you don’t like wearing a watch.


Keep a pair of flip flop this summer or slip into during the day. While they may not be good to run after your children, they are a statement piece for summer and shouldn’t be ignored.

But, for those days where your children are running around, opt for some cute summer flats. Pointy-toe flats, metallic and fringed flat sandal or gladiators are definitely great choices for summer.

Mule bootThe most versatile and comfiest footwear suitable for summer days are trendy mules. They compliment both casual as well as elegant attires and instantly turn your “mom-outfit” into a trendy summer fashion outfit. So, make sure to give mules try if you’ve never tried them before.

Fashion is what you want to wear, what you are most comfortable in and not what others want you to wear. And, if you are a busy mom, being comfortable is the way to go.

So this summer stay fresh, go for comfortable outfits and footwear which are ideal for the hot summer days. Tell us, what summer accessory can you not live without?