6 Beauty Tips Using Coconut Oil That Actually Work!

If you like simple and quick beauty tips that are friendly to your wallet then read on!6 Beauty Tips Using Coconut Oil That Acutally Works

I didn’t just try coconut oil to know that it works as a beauty product, but I use it every single day. It is a staple in my house. From time to time I’d stray and try another product but I always find myself coming back to basic coconut oil.

How Is Coconut Oil Used Around the World?

At first, coconut oil was used by people of tropical countries in a lightly processed form; I am from a tropical country and I have been using coconut oil since I was a child.

Now, companies have started adding value to it and there are coconut oil with various scents and various degrees of processing. Virgin coconut oil is the best as it is less processed, but it may also be a bit more expensive so you may need to take that into consideration.

All over the world there are coconut oil creams, bath bars, face washes, lip-sticks, even shampoo and conditioners.

Coconut oil is relatively and generally cheap. In fact, you do not even need expensive coconut-oil infused beauty products to enjoy its benefits. All you need is a jar of coconut oil cream, or a bottle of coconut oil; and since you do not need to use a whole lot at any one point then it should last you for a fairly long time.

One of my favorite things about coconut oil is that there usually isn’t a need for lots of additional ingredients; the benefits are from just plain coconut oil.

Here are six simple ways coconut oil can up your beauty game.

Precaution: note that for all of the tips below, use room-temperature coconut oil. If the cream is a bit too hard for use at room temperature then you can heat it slightly, but only enough for you to rub it between your palms. Never put too warm or hot oil on your skin or hair.

1. Get Soft, Unchapped Lips

If you have lips like mine then you have lips that are prone to chapping.

Before you go to bed at night, take a little bit of coconut oil or coconut oil cream and gently massage it onto your lips. You only need a small quantity, enough to thinly cover the tip of your finger.

Take care not to leave excess oil on your lips because the oil usually does not taste super great. You can also use a cotton swab: dip the swab in coconut oil, squeeze it to remove the excess oil then dab onto your lips. After repeated use your lips will be soft and unchapped.

You may even see some results on the very first morning after using your DIY coconut-oil lip balm.

2. Treat Your Skin to Moisture

Some people have very dry skin, particularly at the elbows, knees and knuckles. Rubbing a little bit of coconut oil on those dry spots can really give you a relief. If you are into DIY beauty and you create or want to create your own skin moisturizer then coconut oil is a great base.

You can also soak up a little bit of oil using a cotton swab and then rub it onto your cuticles. It gives your nails a glossy shine and soothes the dry skin around it.

3. Shiny Hair Can be Yours

shiny hairYes, yes, coconut oil moisturizes. If your hair is dry or frizzy then coconut oil can help; put a little bit in your palms, rub them together then massage the oil into your hair.

Make sure to get to the roots and ends of your hair. Start with a small amount first, then eventually you will establish an average of the amount of coconut oil you should use for your particular hair type.

Usually a little goes a long way.

If you use too much you can end up with greasy, weighed down hair and that just defeats our goal. The coconut oil rejuvenates dull and dry hair and works wonders on frizz.

4. Remove Water-Proof Makeup Easily

Water-proof makeup products are awesome. You can dance all night or run around all day and you won’t run the risk of looking like a zombie when your mascara runs.

Then comes bed time, and you have to wash off your make-up. Do not sleep with your make-up still on your face, especially if you have skin that is prone to acne (like me).

Make-up removers and cold creams obviously do the job but if you have a jar of coconut oil around then take a little bit on your fingers and start massaging your face, particularly around the eyes to get that stubborn water-proof eyeliner and mascara off! Coconut oil is not harsh on your face; all you need to do is wash it off when you are done, probably with soap (or else your face may feel too oily).

5. Rub Coconut Oil All Over

This tip and the one below aren’t exactly beauty tips, but it is hard to look your best when you don’t feel your best. Ask your honey to give you a rub-down with coconut oil. You can use scented coconut oil if you do not like its natural scent. For those of your who do like the scent of coconut oil then the aromatherapy will be a bonus.

6. Headache-Be-Gone

The effectiveness of coconut oil as a headache cure depends on the severity and possibly the cause of your headaches.

For minor headaches, try coating your scalp with coconut oil for a short while. Put a shower cap over it to avoid getting oil everywhere. What next? Anything you want: you can read a book, cook dinner, take a nap, whatever you want. Once you start feeling better then wash off the oil. Do not allow the coconut oil to remain on your head for too long, try 15-20 mins.

There are lots and lots of other potential uses for coconut oil but the tricks listed above are the ones I have used and that work great.

What about you? Do you have any other ‘beauty’ uses for coconut oil? Feel free to share them with us.