6 Ways Solo Travel Will Help you Grow

Have you ever wanted to go on a trip alone but held back because you were hesitant about going by yourself?  I believe many of us can relate to this feeling, especially as women.  You may fear something going wrong, being by yourself or just not enjoying your trip.

However, traveling alone can help you in so many ways. I have traveled alone and now, I don’t listen to the negative stories that I used to tell myself. It has given me amazing experiences that I would never have had if I stayed in my comfort zone.

Here is how traveling solo will help you develop as an individual as well.

1. You Will Start to Do What You Want and Not Apologize For It

You get to call the shots.  If you want to stay at the beach the entire time, you can!  If you want to take a day off from sightseeing and stay in your accommodation to watch movies, you can. If all you want to do is visit art museums, you can.

Having your days belong to you is a great feeling.  If you do what you want more often, you will start to get more comfortable with making your desires a priority.

2. You Will Have the Space to Determine Who You Are and What You Want for Yourself

While in your own city, you may have the tendency to internalize your loved ones’ expectations of who you should be or what you should do. Traveling alone gives you a chance to get away from that and really think about:

  • What you really want out of life
  • What your values are
  • Your true beliefs

You will encounter different lifestyles, different worldviews and different types of people.  You will be put in unusual situations, and develop more self-awareness.

You will learn more about yourself than you could ever imagine.

3. You’ll Stop Being Self-Conscious About Going Places Alone

Some people wouldn’t dare be seen eating alone at a restaurant.  You may be one of them. Many of us would rather not do anything at all than do something alone

If you travel alone, that will change. I remember how self-conscious I used to be when I would go somewhere by myself. I was worried that people were looking at me and thinking I was strange.

Now, after traveling by myself and being put in these situations continuously, I am unphased. I’ve come to realize that people may look but nobody really cares.

4. You Will Develop Your Social Skills

There’s actually no way around this one.

  • You are going to be confused and need to ask people for help.
  • You are going to need to get information on what the location has to offer.
  • If you stay in a hostel or take group tours, you are going to encounter other travelers and want to get to know them.

You must step out of your shell at some point.  It’s easier to get away with fading into the background with your pre-established social group at home but, when you travel solo, you must take matters into your own hands. Better social skills will become a habit that you can take with you anywhere in the world.

5. You Will Learn to Handle Obstacles Independently

There might be a problem you will have to deal with on your trip. You might get lost and have to figure out how to get back to a familiar area. You may need to figure out how to communicate in a place where most people speak a different language.

These experiences will help you

  • Build your self-confidence
  • Develop your problem-solving skills
  • Learn how to be resourceful

In the moment, these things will seem complicated and hard. But afterward, you’ll look back and be proud of yourself for figuring it out, and amazed at what you actually were able to do.

 6. You Will Gain Perspective

Every corner of the earth you touch by yourself will offer you a new and unique perspective on life.  Some things will seem clearer and your worldview may change.

Experiencing this is priceless.

Traveling solo is extremely valuable

If you can incorporate this form of travel into your life, you will change for the better. You can travel domestically, or you can hop on a plane to the other side of the world.   Just do something you are afraid of, and get out there.

Have fun growing!

2 thoughts on “6 Ways Solo Travel Will Help you Grow”

  1. Avatar

    I totally agree with these, especially about overcoming obstacles. I remember my first solo trip — I sat crying in a crowded train station is Switzerland, totally exhausted after my 9 hour flight, not able to speak the language, wondering what in the world I was doing there. But once I got up and figured out how to buy my first train tickets, my confidence grew. I started making new friends in hostels, picking up new phrases in the local languages, and changing plans last minute based on my new friends’ recommendations — or just because I wanted to!

    1. Dee Battle

      I appreciate your comment Caroline! Our stories are so similar it’s bizarre! It’s amazing the highs and lows you experience. Feeling lost and confused sucks and like you, I wondered what the heck I was doing when I arrived in Sweden. But the people you meet and the tiny little milestones make it all worth it. Switzerland is definitely on my list. I hear it’s beautiful. For now, I’m going on a solo trip to Canada in a couple of weeks 🙂 Wish me luck!!!

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