7 Safest Travel Destinations for Solo Women

7 Safest Trave Destinations for Solo WomenEveryone loves traveling. Most of you travel with family, friends and even solo.

Traveling solo may seem a scary idea but it is the easiest and the most convenient.

Think about the pros of traveling solo-freedom to do what you want, when you want to and if there happens to be last minute changes in your travel plan then you definitely can.

But, it isn’t easy to travel solo to all places. There are countries, which are safe and women friendly, and those, which aren’t ideal for solo women.

So we at LifeStyleBody are here to share information about the safest countries you can travel as a solo traveler.

1. Iceland

Considered one of the safest and ideal destination for solo travelers, especially women, Iceland keeps on appearing in the travel list of solo women travelers around the world.

Frankly speaking I have never been to Iceland, but it’s in my bucket list to check out for. Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland makes it a favored place for swimming at the Blue Lagoon to Icelandic horse riding across some of the most rugged terrain anywhere else.

Its easy culture adjustment, traveler friendly attitude of the locals and the scenic locations right from waterfalls, mountain ranges to glaciers and lava fields make it the most ideal and safest destination for solo women travelers.

2. Ireland

Like Iceland, Ireland too keep appearing on the favored destinations for solo women traveler.

Based on the reviews of travel bloggers who love to travel and write their personal experiences, it is found out to be another safe destination. Ireland too has scenic places of nature. If you want you can enjoy the bustling city life of Ireland’s capital Dublin.

English being the native language of the Irish people, it is a great choice for those timid solo women traveler because of its easy cultural adjustment. Like Iceland, Ireland also has a very friendly population with a crime rate of as low as only 0.32 per hundred thousand people. This makes the country very safe.

3. New Zealand

This country was the setting for the movie, The Lord of the Rings, and solo women travelers can look forward to many adventures all around New Zealand.

It’s known for its:

  • Glorious glaciers
  • Beautiful rainforest
  • High peaks of the Southern Alps

If you’re adventurous enough, try some bungee jumping or hiking on the famous Milford Track or even jet boating.

You’ll get to meet and interact with the friendliest and open-minded people in the world, which is an added bonus for those women traveler going solo.

4. Singapore

Another personal favorite destination of mine, this Asian city is considered to be the safest tourist spot in the Asian continent for solo women travel bugs.

With an extremely low crime rate, 98 percent of the local populous feel its safe to walk out of their houses at night. A recent US based WJP (World Justice Project Rule of Law Index, 2014) found this city to be the second safest country in the world after Japan.

It may be listed as the most expensive city in the world (standard of living), but it isn’t bad to shell out a little more than you set you budget at, for a quality stay.

With endless outdoor activities, a great public transportation connecting the entire country, culinary distinction and top notch museums, Singapore should definitely make a place in your travel list.

5. Thailand

ThailandAlso called The Land of Smiles, Thailand is another Asian destination, which solo women travelers should include in their destination list. You cannot help but enjoy your time here. Start with Bangkok one of the most thriving South East Asian cities.

From Bangkok, you can explore the country at great length, leaving no island unvisited. Initially, solo women travelers were reluctant to travel to this beautiful country but after hearing positive feedback about the safety concern for solo women travelers and recommendations from other solo women travelers, more and more women are going there by themselves.

So, take your time and enjoy the beautiful city.

6. Indonesia

Another lovely Asian destination safe for solo women travelers is Indonesia. Bali in Indonesia is the single most popular destination for solo travelers.

When you’re there, you’ll have a chance to see temples, practice some yoga on the beach, indulge in massages, eat cheap food and have great lodging.

This place is ideal for the spiritual lone hedonist backpacker. Best for those who don’t love the crowd, you can venture on a 25 minute flight to Lombok, an island off the coast of Bali ,which will take you back to the Indonesia of 70s.

7. Amsterdam

Amsterdam, which is known for a liberal lifestyle and chilled out attitude, is another destination preferable for women traveling on their own.

The nightlife of the city, the unique culture, and canals to explore make this place ideal for you. The best part of this place is you can rent a cycle and explore some of the friendly and laid-back Dutch local places as you cycle through them.

Some tips for solo women traveling to Amsterdam:

  • Ideal for travel during all the seasons, but winters might not be ideal for cycling or walking in the city since it is too cold.
  • Getting an iAmsterdam card will be a great idea as it allows for free sightseeing of museums, free public mode of transportation and for a free canal cruise. Before purchasing, check if the card will save some money on the trip with the help of the online savings chart.
  • The best accommodations in terms of quality and service as per other solo travelers in Amsterdam are Lloyd Hotel, Banks Mansion and Mauro Mansion if you are not worried about burning your pocket.
  • For budget travelers, St. Christopher’s Inn, The Flying Pig Downtown and the Bull Dog Hotel are the best pocket friendly places to stay.
  • Most hotels accept credit or debit cards but it is preferable to carry plenty of local currency for making small purchases and for transportation too if you don’t prefer iAmsterdam card.

Apart from these 7 destinations there are other destinations that are also safe for solo women travelers.

As a precaution, when going to any new place, it’s better to be cautious and careful where situations might get vulnerable like walking alone at night drinking heavily in a local bar etc. Also, make sure to share your travel itinerary and flight details with your family and close friends and remember to provide contact numbers of hotels where you intend to stay.

Are you a solo traveler? If yes, which has been your favorite holiday getaway when you traveled solo? Share your travel experience with us here on LifeStyleBody in the comments below.

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    I’m usually The one traveling by myself but I am scared to. What if I get lost, what if I get hurt, I know I know it’s crazy. I’d love to see all of these places though! What a great post!

  2. Pushpita Sinha
    Pushpita Sinha

    Hello Leslie,

    Thanks for going through this post. Glad to know that you found this post informative. Safety is the first concern which comes into the mind of a solo female traveler especially when a destination is new. The safety tips mentioned at the end are personal views, since “Prevention is Better Than Cure”. They too should be of great help to those women who love to travel solo to new places. Hope you’ll find traveling solo easier in these destinations.

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