How to Arrange Your Basic Wardrobe on a Minimal Budget

Have you found yourself standing in a store and wondering, “How come everything I like is this How to Arrange Your Wardrobe On a Budgetexpensive?”

People say that affordability is a perspective matter, but when it comes to life, especially college life, all is based on the depth of our pockets. I created a system that helps people arrange the wardrobe on a minimal budget.

All of us have at least once in life purchased a dress that costs more than our income or student loan payment. The result is always the same – money struggles and anxiety. My tip on arranging a wardrobe is just a one of the many things you can do to avoid this. Have a look at my list of things you can do to arrange the wardrobe on a minimal budget.

Start With the Basics

If your budget is limited as most budgets are, start off by investing in a few pieces that go with most items in your wardrobe and wear the heck out of them!

Many people have found this tip to be successful and consider the affordable clothes both beautiful and comfortable.

The minimal wardrobe does not mean that you do not get to replace items so don’t be afraid to gradually purchase new basics while wearing the ones you already got. The most important thing to remember is that the basic things start with those you need the most such as your gym wear, uniform and everyday clothing.

Be Conscious About Your Purchases

High prices are relative and are not always lead by quality.

Sometimes things can have the same quality but come at a lower price because they are not a part of a certain brand. Many simple garments with as much or less details have the tendency to harm your pocket less than those you always see in the high-end stores.

Take the time to research and find things that will suit your style and still fall within the price range you can afford.

Follow Your Favorite Designers

Do you have favorite designers whose clothes you so want to wear?

We all do. Luckily, if you follow these people on the social media you can often take an advantage of the sales they have at the end of the season. A sale price is always better than a full price and you will get the opportunity to fill the wardrobe with the clothes of a famous designer! After all, such clothes rarely go out of style in a year!

Boost Your Budget

If you are trying everything but still cannot arrange the wardrobe, it is time for you to find some extra money for clothing.

The first thing you must do is sit down and calculate the minimal amount you need for your wardrobe. You could always sell unwanted clothes online. You may be surprised how many people purchase second – hand clothing and find this to be the solution for your budget problems!

Shop Second Hand

We have already mentioned second hand shopping as one common and undoubtedly good way of purchasing affordable clothing.

Some people are skeptic about this, but second hand clothes are the best way to purchase unique clothing of high quality for the best price possible. Additionally, this has the advantage of supporting the charities and the local community.

Purchase Neutrals

Neutral colors are considered to be black, navy, tans and gray; but at the end, this depends on your style. After all, some people want to wear pink, or black or white and for them, the neutrals are their most commonly worn colors. I

f you purchase neutrals, you will have the opportunity to combine clothes without having a loads of pieces of them in your wardrobe and still have the looks you want.

Invest More Money in Regularly Worn Pieces

If you have the tendency to purchase cheap wardrobe pieces that you wear commonly, chances are that you will have to do this so often, that it will even cost you more. This is why it is smart to invest more money in things that you wear often – such as shoes or bags.

If you are struggling with your wardrobe budget, the good news is that arranging the wardrobe in an economic way is an easy task.

You can always mix and match key pieces and neutrals and combine them with jewelry and small details to create magnificent combinations for yourself. Take a look at our tips for managing your wardrobe on low budget and stop feeling like you are always struggling with the same clothes.

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  1. Elizabeth Voyles

    I’ve been wanting to replace my wardrobe after pregnancy and some weight fluctuations. Most of my clothes are at least five years old if they’re not maternity. I’llndefinitey need to do it on a budget. Good info!

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