Get the Best Out of Your Smile With These Tricks

Having a beautiful smile is a person’s best feature.

Get the Best Out of Your Smile With These TricksHowever, it’s very common for teeth to darken due to different reasons. All the morning coffee, lover of blueberries or any dark food and drink can stain your teeth over time.

One way to hide darker teeth is using some of the cosmetics that you have in your makeup bag because certain colors can highlight the color of your teeth. Still, no trick can overtake a good daily dental hygiene or specific treatment for this effect.

Toothbrush and Dental Floss

It’s obvious that to keep your teeth white, you have to brush your teeth and floss every day. This will keep your teeth free of plaque and thus avoid discoloration. So you have no excuse not to do it three times a day if you want to forget about yellow teeth.

Wait Before Brushing

Do not brush your teeth right after eating, but wait for 30 minutes. This way brushing will be much more effective and you will get more immediate results. If you do it right after a meal you can damage the enamel.

Eating Crisp Fruits and Vegetables

Chewing foods like fruits and vegetables can get rid of the eroding plaque that causes tooth staining, thus providing fewer problems with the issue of yellow teeth. Plus they are a healthy snack!

Find a Perfect Lip Shade with Blue Undertone

Lipsticks in warm sub-tones or shades of orange, gold or nude for a lipstick base may look bad on the whitest of smiles.

So, if you want to get your teeth to look brighter you have to go for a lipstick that has blue pigments. This helps to counteract the yellowing of some teeth.

Moreover, some makeup kits incorporate a blue creamy base for the lips, just to counteract the warming effect of some colors. Another good suggestion when it comes to lips and whiter teeth is to line the lips with a brighter concealer in order to make a bigger contrast that will make your teeth appear whiter.

Find a Good Foundation

Even with the perfect lip color the truth is that it is equally important to consider the color of your skin. Basically, avoid foundations that are too pale or yellowish for your skin because they can make the teeth look more yellow than they really are, not to mention that these mismatched shades would not look good with a bright red lipstick.

Use Bronzing Powder

Many makeup experts advise using bronzing powder on your face. This will make your teeth appear whiter. The sensation of yellow teeth will be less intense and you will feel much better. Still, keep in mind that the bronzer or contour shade should not be too warm.

Put Some Vaseline on Your Teeth

This might strike you as an odd thing to do, but coating your teeth with a thin layer of Vaseline will prevent your teeth from staining, which is really handy when you have to go somewhere where you will eat and drink but still have to take pictures afterwards or keep smiling beautifully.

Use Good Makeup

Makeup is the key for looking well in a photo, so apply powders, shadows, mascara, gloss and blush – all you need to make yourself prettier. If you are wearing braces, do not put attention on your lips, but focus on the rest of your makeup.

Still, if you are only about to correct your teeth and lead a mind-battle of Invisalign vs. braces, Invisalign might be a better choice if you like wearing lipstick since it is invisible and can be removed when necessary. Keep in mind that regular braces are a better choice for more complex issues though.

The smile is your best introduction. Smiling is a sign of friendliness and is the best tool to build relationships. To make the most of it, take care of your oral and dental health. A beautiful smile also means a healthy mouth, strong teeth, and a good breath.