5 Brands for People Who Love Fashion and Giving Back at the Same Time

5 Brands For People Who Love Fasion and Giving Back At the Same TimeWhether you’re a jeans junkie or a sucker for sunglasses, you know that fashion is about so much more than looking good.

It’s about expressing your creativity, finding your personal style and having fun.

But what if we told you that you could indulge in your passion for fashion while giving back at the same time?

As consumers, we are more and more interested in knowing where our clothing comes from and what kind of impact its production has on a global scale.

The good news is that there are now many clothing brands (whether they offer men’s fashion  or ladies style) helping you to give back to the community, so you can feel good about what you’re wearing in more ways than one. Here are just a few of our favourites.



Toms shoes are so popular that it’s likely you’ve seen them, if not owned a pair yourself.

But did you know about their “One for One” initiative? For every pair of Toms purchased, the brand then donates a pair to an at-risk young person around the world.

But that’s not all: Toms works with over 100 giving partners in over 70 countries. Sales of many other Toms products, such as sunglasses and bags, help to provide invaluable services such as eye care and raising bullying awareness.

2.Pura Vida Bracelets


When two students returned from a trip to Costa Rica and decided to start selling a small batch of bracelets inspired by the Costa Rican culture, it’s doubtful they knew such a huge impact they would have.

Everything about this brand embraces the Pura Vida (meaning “pure life”) philosophy – each bracelet is meticulously handcrafted by Costa Rican artisans, and the company has given over 100 locals stable jobs.

The brand is partnered with more than 190 charities, and are part of 1% for the Planet, meaning they donate 1% of their net revenue to environmental organisations worldwide. Now that’s beautiful jewellery you can feel good about!

3.People Tree


People Tree are all about Fair Trade and sustainable fashion. For over 25 years they have worked alongside Fair Trade producers in developing areas in order to produce fashion collections that are not only current and stylish, but ethical too.

When you buy something from the People Tree, you can feel good about the fact that it has been made sustainably. Making a stand against the harmful values of “fast fashion”, People Tree takes pride in opposing exploitation and child labour.



When friends Jeff and Ryan met on a study abroad program, they began collecting fabrics from countries all over the world. What started as a hobby in their dorm room soon became a successful business with people at its heart.

The fabrics are made into unique pockets, which are then sewed on to baseball tees and tank tops. Serengetee support producers and traditional fabric making in over 25 countries by purchasing fabrics and materials, and also give 10% of their proceeds back to charities that improve lives in these communities.

5.ASOS Africa


ASOS is a huge international retailer, and perhaps not one you would associate with charitable initiatives.

However, all of the pieces in the ASOS Africa collection are made in Kenya in order to back to SOKO – a workshop which aims to devise feasible, sustainable solutions for the economic problems facing Kenya).

For every item you buy from the ASOS Africa line, $9 will be donated to help build a new SOKO workshop. ASOS also matches the donation, meaning you can truly feel great about that new jacket!

Do you have any favourite fashion brands which also give back to the community? Let us know in the comments below.