Why This is Your Breakthrough Year Ladies!

Numerology is an ancient science and study of numbers that helps reveal a deeper hidden meaning.  With this, you’re able to Why This is Your Breakthrough Year Ladies!understand your blueprint as far as in life path, purpose and a heads up on how to best navigate in a particular area.

Everything that has a numeric value has a meaning.  For example, the current year holds a specific vale and vibe 2017= 1.  You get this by adding all the numbers to reduce to a single digit 1.  2+0+1+7= 10 reduced to a 1.

Numerology moves in a 9 year cycle. So every year builds from the year before.  2018 will be a number 2 year (2+0+1+8 =11/2) and the next a 3 and so forth.

The yearly number impacts the whole planet and collective.  It is an important theme and energy that will affect you whether you’re conscious of it or not. When you’re conscious of it, it is game changing.

The wind feels like it’s behind you. Your sail is set for smooth sailing and life becomes more effortless as you glide with the tides.

Meaning you’re moving with the tides instead of against it. So you accomplish more in your career and have fulfillment in your personal life.

When you work against it, you can feel like you’re spinning your wheels or life feels so much more challenging than it has to be.

Why This Is Your Year of Breakthrough

We are in a number 1 year which symbolizes new beginnings, impact and a catalyst among other things. A 1 year has tremendous energy because it begins a new 9 year cycle, so it comes with a punch to get things done.

Generally you’ll have more energy this year to accomplish your goals and desires

It seeks fulfillment by creating a foundation by which the following years will follow and will work to achieve. So this is a very important time to know what you really want out of life to understand the implications of where you’re directing it.

Be sure to take time to strategize on what you’re intentions and goals are in short and long term. You will be building your infrastructure from where your success will supported.

  • One is for impact, so if you’ve been working on projects, personal things or have been trying to get something off the ground and it’s been stagnating short of flat lining then this is your year to start fresh. You can breakthrough those things you’ve struggled with providing you let go of fears and judgments that block forward motion.
  • Most of the fear and anxiety we have is through a belief that was perpetuated by culture for various reasons.  This year busts through myths, beliefs or illusions that don’t serve us on our journey towards empowerment.

Of course it’s suggested you let go of senseless fears anytime, but this year the force is with you my friend.

  • The number 1 is for inspiration and action. In a 1 year you will be inspired by many ideas and creativity.  One reaches for the sky while remaining grounded. Yes, you can reach those genius ideas, but you need to anchor them by taking action.

This year you’re more likely to hustle those brilliant ideas into existence!

  • You’ll want to lead and develop your ideas independent of others. You’re more focused and driven to make things happen.  You magnetize others to follow your lead or movement. There can be a lot of things happening around you.

Be careful not to get too bossy while you have laser focus.  Although you want to lead, true triumph is a team effort.

  • This is a year to be original and be your unique self. Sometimes we’re afraid to speak our truth or express our unique creativity.  If you have a business brand or have an original spin on something this is your year to let it shine and go for it.
  • This year people will be more open to out of the box thinking and different ways of solving problems.  Redefining for creative solutions will pave the way.

This isn’t a time for blending in with the crowd. Cookie cutter solutions from the past become stale. Innovation pays off in the long run even if it takes time to catch on.

Ultimately Numerology gives you a heads up on how to best navigate the current energy and theme for the year.  It was meant to be applied to assist us in experiencing life in a more cohesive purposeful way that creates growth.

This year’s super power number and energy helps you breakthrough and impact your life in the most positive ways. Whether you need a fresh start to an existing project, a complete new beginning or a jump start towards progress in an original and innovative way.

This year will help you catalyze momentum. So remember to create your intentions, goals and strategize for success.