How Do You Classify a Professional? Here’s My Take

Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to really get out and get my work off of the ground.

How Do You Classify a Professional? Here's My TakeThis includes attending events throughout Atlanta and networking with other professionals. Professionals.

What classifies one as an professional? According to,

  • “relating to a job that requires special education, training, or skill
  • done or given by a person who works in a particular profession
  • paid to participate in a sport or activity”

I attended college but never finished. I had no interest in taking on any form of an institution or program that would possibly assist the growth of my talent. Why?

For me, a lot of my skills are naturally given.

When you have something that you enjoy doing and it does not give off the energetic vibes of “work,” you tend to put forth more effort because of its lack of stress.

I noticed when I did attend college, I could not pass English Composition 101 to save my life. This was not due to a lack in understanding but rather disinterest.

I felt as though even with my good grammar, this class would change the way that I looked at writing for a lifetime and that I would soon fall out of love with it.

See, prior to me attending college, I was given the opportunity to write for a local magazine in Connecticut called “Committed Magazine.” My writing skills were superb and required very little guidance.

However, I was always open to the criticism and coaching that I would receive whenever there were corrections. I was perfectly okay with this. I conducted interviews with reggae artist ‘Baby Cham,’ hip-hop duo ‘The Ying Yang Twins’ and many others.

I owned my confidence and ability to be around famous individuals while continuing to conduct myself professionally. So when I did actually begin my English Comp course, you could understand why I was a bit taken back. After finally having a discussion with my professor during my last attempt at this course, I informed her of my successes.

I even provided her with samples of my writings in which she loved! My struggle you see wasn’t the understanding but rather just complying with what was required within the course in order to pass. My professor became my mentor and with my respect for her, I gave her exactly what she was looking for.

I passed this class after three attempts with a B. I say this to say, even though I have not graduated or obtained any specialized training, this does not rule me out as a professional in the real world.

You will see this all around – people in high ranked positions with simply a high school degree.

A lot of people find it hard to believe how someone with no educational background beyond the 12th grade, could perform at a level as someone with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.

At the end of the day, it should not be based solely on your educational background but experience as well. Certain careers however, should require additional learning such as anyone within the medical or law field.

I am a professional freelancer. I have strong experience in blogging, promoting and basically finding ways to get your message across to others. As I stated, I did not obtain a degree or certification in Journalism or Communications.

I simply talk and I do it very well. The next time someone decides to place you outside of the professional realm, you stand up for yourself and tell them…experience triumphs all and you too, are indeed a professional!