The Cycles of Fashion: How Juicy Couture is Back

I was sitting on the puce shag carpet in my Grammy’s basement watching MTV when I first met Britney Spears. The Cycles of Fashon: How Juicy Couture is BackShe had her hair pulled up and that infectious smile on that made you love yourself more.

Like most kids who grew up in the 2000’s I absolutely loved Britney. My close friends and I used to spend hours fantasizing about what it would be like to be her best friend. One of us even lied for years about how they met her at a concert so they would seem cooler.

Like most I was absolutely heartbroken when she shaved her head and looking back I feel so sad that she had to be dragged through the mud by the media (who so happily committed the sin). It’s terrible that the negative pressure from the outside world can make someone feel so horrible inside.

With that said, I will always admire Britney and one image of her will always be strongest in my mind. I don’t even know if it’s a real memory but in my mind’s eye I see her in a cherry blossom pink Juicy Couture tracksuit and I think I even see an aura around her.

The Original Juicy Track Suit


When I am thinking about this memory I can’t help but smile and lol to myself. The Juicy tracksuit was one of those fads that took over the fashion world. Everyone’s rich mom had one and if she didn’t you knew her boobs were real.

They were everywhere! In middle schools, in hummers and on little dogs. My sister was always jealous because they looked so comfortable and she knew her butt was juicy but she never had a chance to wear one.

As fast as they came, they were gone. Evaporated from the palates butts of the world in the blink of a fake lash. You didn’t see them except on an occasional Russian in an airport (they never became unpopular in Russia according to friends).

Years passed, our neopets died and the Juicy tracksuit lived in the shadows waiting… patiently.

Styles cycle about every 20 years and my father who worked in the fashion industry for 20 years always joked with me that the latest trends are actually in the thrift stores and not at Nordstrom’s.

Like an ex­girlfriend with a vendetta to destroy her ex­boyfriend future relationship they came out from the darkness to re­emerge.

Juicy is back people, and it full force!

You’re starting to see it again.

The tracksuits could be seen on the runway at couture week on the Gvasaliea brothers runway. Does this mean the return of high end pajamas you can wear outside?

The velour track suit is coming back. And why not?

It’s comfortable to wear and it looks stylish.

So even if you are anti-track suit, why not give Juicy a try? You can pair it with white sneakers, gold jewelry and wear a tight bun like JLo.

It’s simply a style that won’t die so embrace it mamas, college students and wannabe singers!