How to Develop a Healthy Family Screen Time Plan

Balance is the key to healthy living.

How to Develop a Healthy Family Screen Time PlanIt’s important to find balance in almost everything we do. As parents we try to give our kids the best of everything but the misuse of anything can prove extremely harmful for them and their development.

When it comes to technology and internet safety, we as parents need to set limits for how much and what is acceptable and should be allowed for our kids.

This is especially important since unlike our generation, our children are growing up with technology all around them and the misuse of it can lead to a lot of problems.

Here is what you can do in order to develop a healthy family media diet plan:

Screen Time Curfew

Researchers and family psychologists believe it is important for parents to set screen time curfews in order to limit screen time and introduce basic socializing manners into children.

Screen time curfews can include restricting gadget usage especially at meal times or family gatherings.

Moreover, it could also include parents substituting curfews with charging and direct their kids towards charging their gadgets during these curfew times. Furthermore, all gadgetry should be banned at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

This is especially important because the light from these gadgets interferes with your sleeping pattern making it difficult to fall asleep hence disturbing your circadian rhythm.

Gadget Free Zone

Parents must always have specific limited areas where gadgets can be used and where they cannot be used. For example, bedrooms should be a gadget free zone where the kids should not be allowed to use any gadgets including televisions.

This means parents should not install and televisions in the children’s bedrooms. Moreover, they can also introduce specific areas in the house where gadgets can be used. For example, the best place for making a gadget centered zone is the kitchen or the living room.

This is because centering gadget usage to a specific area will allow parents to keep an eye on what their kids are doing on their gadgets.

Age Appropriate Content

Not everything on the internet should be alright for children to view without any issue.

There are many things found on the internet that kids should not have access to at all. However, only parents can ensure that this safety and appropriate restrictions are put in place and followed accordingly.

But with the extensive content on the internet, it is occasionally hard to protect children without any additional support and help.

This support and help can be employed in the form of monitoring applications which can be fed different words and even phrases to filter out when loading different pages or surfing the net. Monitoring applications like TheOneSpy can be used to set these filter words to restrict different inappropriate pop-ups from showing p as well.

Limited Screen Time

Today children are usually addicted to their phones and other gadgets which mean they get very less physical activity.

Moreover, this addiction can become dangerous and can lead to other physiological complications such as reduced eye sight among other issues.

Less physical activities can also lead to obesity. Also these kids tend to be bad at forming relationships and maintaining them as they have very less socializing chances.

With working parents and children always on the go it is hard to set limits on screen time and it is even harder to follow them.

Therefore it is recommended that parents use monitoring applications to help them set these restrictions. What really happens is that the monitoring application is fed a specific time duration and limit which when met locks down the gadget automatically and can only be unlocked with the help of a password or code which only the parent has.


Developing a healthy screen time plan is especially important in today’s era where children are literally hooked onto their cell phones and computers.

Moreover this addiction can lead to many other complications as well. However, with the help of monitoring applications parents can now easily set rules and regulations which can be ensured as well.

Furthermore, these monitoring applications also have the ability to store back up conversations and other things like web histories for parents to easily access later and remotely without the kid finding out.

This way parents can also keep an eye on their kids social media usage and peer list to ensure that they are not involved in anything which can affect their image or can put them in harm’s way in any way.

Over to you – what are you doing to limit screen time with your children?

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