How to Dress to Look Slimmer

Dressing to your body type can be a stressful task, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re trying to find a silhouette that will not only flatter your frame How to Dress to Look Slimmerbut make you look slimmer, it’s much easier to achieve this look than you may think.

When you use the cut of the outfit, colors, and patterns in tandem, you will find that a slimming look is much easier to achieve. But, there are some key tips on how to dress to look slimmer that you may want to keep in mind.


You may be tired of hearing about Spanx or their counterparts, those garments that have been drilled into our minds when thinking about shaving off a few pounds in seconds. While this thought may be a little off-putting at first, the thing is, they actually work. While they won’t make you lose weight, the compression does help to distribute and smooth unsightly bulges beneath clothes.

If Spanx aren’t for you, you can pick out a pair of seamless briefs, boy shorts, a cami, or full body pieces that have reinforced panels to help smooth your stomach, thighs, and boost your bottom. Using these paired with your favorite outfit can help to slim your overall look with minimal effort on your part.

When choosing your shapewear, make sure the fit is appropriate to your shape and size. If you’re uncomfortable in shapewear, you should reevaluate the size that you are buying. Shapewear should be snug, but not so tight that you can’t breathe.

Find the Fit

Making sure your clothing fits properly is absolutely important when shooting for a slimming look. If you’re trying to achieve a thinner look, you need to be mindful of hemlines that draw attention to unwanted volume. Steer clear of Capri pants, long baggy shorts, or shapeless calf-length skirts. They won’t help in creating the long lines that will help to slim you.

Sky High Heels

High heels are a great way to elongate your legs. This is especially true when you’re wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses. Try a low cut heel on for size if you’re uncomfortable with anything higher than a couple of inches, no matter the height, heels will definitely boost your look.

Black is Your Friend

It isn’t just a wives’ tale, black is extremely slimming. While you may not want to wear a monochromatic look, wearing black on darker hues where you are thickest can help to slim your size down a notch or two. Steer clear of lighter shades like beige if you want a slimmer look unless it’s paired with a darker layer on top that helps to create a slimming line.

High Rise

High rise jeans can work well in creating a long line on your lower half. If you have a long torso but short legs, they can go a great length into making you look slimmer.

Vertical Stripes

This is perhaps the oldest trick in the book that almost every woman has been taught since birth. Wearing vertical stripes can help to draw the eye upward, which makes it possible to create a slimming outfit. Just remember a small rule when it comes to stripes; pick the stripe that matches your size. If you’re petite, choose thinner stripes, if you’re a bit larger go for bolder stripes, and if you’re leggy, you can get away with murder when it comes to picking your stripes.

All in all there are hundreds of different ways for you to create a slimming look. The biggest and best rule of thumb is to wear outfits that are tailored to your body if at all possible. Strong darting and bold prints can help to create a thinner look. Don’t be shy about experimenting with your look.