Discover the Powers Essential Oils Have on Improving Your Life

Did you know that essential oils aren’t really oils at all?

They are considered a fusion of aromas derived from plants. The stems, seeds and other parts of the plant form a powerful and potent essence filled with the aromatic impact to heal your skin.Discover the Powers of Essential Oils

It was when I first became pregnant with twins that I discovered the benefits of using essential oils. I knew I didn’t want to use any products that could potentially harm my unborn children.

I researched alternative health care treatments and decided to start using all natural products for my skin care regimen. I used a wonderful face wash with lemon oil to help prevent blemishes on my acne prone skin. It worked exceptionally well to keep my breakouts to a minimum and made my skin soft and glowing.

Once I had my children, I continued to use essential oils for my skin and began to adopt an organic and natural lifestyle. I soon told other moms of my new discovery and before I knew it, every mom I knew and their sister were adopting the healing powers of aromatherapy.

In fact, using essential oils as an alternative health care treatment has been gaining popularity amongst women and particularly mothers in the last decade.

This is in part due to the lack of regulation the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has on skin care products. The FDA stipulates that manufacturers can put any ingredients in their personal care products as long as they are labeled accordingly.

What is more alarming is that these ingredients are causing more harm than good. For example, parabens, a class of chemicals added to prevent bacterial growth, are found in many cosmetics and have been linked to breast cancer in women.

Triclosan, one of the many harmful ingredients found in antibacterial soaps and used as an antimicrobial agent, has been associated with antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

It is no wonder that many women and mothers are now turning to natural products for their skin care routine.

Essential oils also have healing properties for various common ailments such as

Rest assured that when using an alternative health care treatment such as essential oils, you are guaranteed of their safe and natural plant-based ingredients.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

1. On the Skin

These natural oils are highly concentrated and easily absorbed in the skin.

Many of the essential oils need to be combined with carrier oils such as olive oil or other real oils as they are highly concentrated. Failing to do this could result in skin irritation.

For maximum absorption, massage the oil into your skin or place the oil in areas where there are sweat glands such as the head, soles or palms.

2. Inhaled

Some oils are better inhaled as they may cause too much irritation with direct contact with the skin. Eucalyptus oil, for example, if not diluted, can be bothersome if placed directly on your body.

You can place essential oils in a humidifier or use a diffuser, an easy and popular method for inhaling essential oils, to release their healing properties.

3. Ingested

Swallowing essential oils is not recommended and is not a common practice in North America. If you wish to use this method, consult your natural doctor. Some essential oils can be toxic to your kidneys, thereby reversing the effects of the oil.

What Skin Conditions Can Essential Oils Treat?

When my twins were around 6 months old, I remember seeing eczema on the backs of their legs and arms. My daughter had a mild case, while my son, especially, was prone to dry skin and also had cradle cap. It came as no surprise to my husband when I brought my alternative medicine arsenal to the rescue.

How can essential oils treat eczema and other skin conditions like psoriasis and acne? How useful are they at treating wounds or cuts?

1. Eczema/Psoriasis

Eczema, or psoriasis, affects up to 3% of adults and up to 20% of children. Many children do not grow out of it, but simply live with the itchiness and discomfort eczema can bring.

One of the best natural solutions for keeping eczema or psoriasis at bay, and for preventing any future breakouts, is the use of essential oils.

Lavender oil works to relive the itchiness and discomfort associated with this condition. It also has antifungal and antiseptic properties that make it an all around great oil to use for many ailments.

2. Acne

If you have problematic skin, like acne, and have tried using most of the over the counter acne fighting cleansers to no avail, try making the switch to essential oils. They are safe and natural, and if used consistently, help prevent any future breakouts and minimize scarring.

3. Wounds and Cuts

Discover the Powers Essential OilsIf you have a cut or small wound, a safe alternative to traditional medicines are essential oils. Each oil is potent and has many antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The use of essential oils for relieving ailments and for your personal care can help kick start your natural way of life. Pick up some oils today and start on the path to a better you.

Do you use essential oils for your children? What’s your favorite E.O.? Let us know in the comments.