Fashion Trends You Should Know in 2016

As we’re almost half way through 2016, now is the time to think about what you wear and what you have Fashion Trends You Should Know In 2016hidden in your wardrobe. Because who wants to spend more money on clothes that will be out dated soon?

With the clothes you already have you can create ten more outfits and still look chic and stylish on that date, work meeting or fundraising function you have next month.

Freshening up your wardrobe will help you to keep up with the following trends.

And it will also make you appear younger and hip to what’s going on in the world. Because if you’re a mom, trying to keep up with the trends can be a challenge in between diaper changing and clean ups.

Or if you’re a college student busy trying to ace that test or write that 20-page essay on the functionality of doing morning exercises to improve your memory. Who has time anymore to stay current.

Well you can! Just by looking at what you already have.

So take a look at the essentials to keep you wardrobe up to date and the accessories to take your outfit up a notch.

The Essential Trends

off-shoulderWearing an off the shoulder neckline will show off your collarbones perfectly and it is ideal to wear on a special night out or every day. Available in a range of colours, you can really add the wow factor to your every day look.

Break the rules and consider wearing matching sets. This is a sophisticated look that enables you to try it out with every single outfit. This is a cool and classy look that will certainly turn heads. There are many top and skirt matching sets which are perfect for summer holidays.

Culottes, which are knee length trousers that flare towards the bottom and almost resemble a skirt, are everywhere and they work extremely well in many different situations. A trip to the coffee shop in culottes will leave you feeling comfortable but pair them up with a pair of heels and you are ready for a night out!

Take Your Outfit Up a Notch With These Accessories

The Trench Vest is a fresh take on a past trends and it is really gathering some pace when it comes to popularity. Ideal for layering up, it can transform any outfit and can be worn to the office or for a drink with girls.

A statement bag shows that you are confident and bold. Take a risk when it comes to the colour and size because this will really make you stand out. Items like a brightly coloured tote bag or a sparkly clutch will set you apart and make you stand out from the crowd; white, black and beige bags are simple and are colours for those who ‘play it safe’, but a bold splash of colour will help you to make a statement. Take it to work or take it shopping this is a bag that can become a real fashion must have.

mulesIf you believed that mules were best left for your Grandma then you need to think again. The mule is back and is available in a number of different styles. They go well with ripped jeans or even a pencil skirt with a printed blazer, giving you a casual ‘workplace’ look. If you’re a fan of stilettos then mules can give your feet a treat as they are comfortable, whilst still fashionable. Versatile and good looking – what more could you want?!

The bomber jacket has really made a comeback but it has a new identity thanks to different colours. Wearing it oversized is the look to go for and if you want to keep it fresh for 2016 then throw in some embroidery.

If you like stripes then consider oversized stripes. Go for colours that are outrageous or play it safe with simple colour, giving you a new twist on a traditional look. Either way, this is a look that can be mixed with leggings, pleated maxi skirt or even a tank top. Go and make it your own!

Celebrities are hot on the slip dress and it can often be intimidating to wear because it does cling to the body but an A-line version can really make a difference. You can mix it with an oversized sweater and mules or a leather jacket and heels and you are well on your way to rocking the in-look.

The midi skirt has been around for a while but now it comes with a myriad of different looks. Buttons, leather and zippers give this look a real twist. It works especially well with heels and even mock neck sleeveless crops. This is a look that can really make you stand out from the crowd.