Got Stretch Marks? I Love Mine And Here’s Why

Got Stretch Marks? I Love Mine and Here's WhyYes, my skin has stretched beyond the elasticity I thought my body could once handle.

I have tiger stripes that have taken over my rear-end, thighs and even around the back of my legs (how the hell did that happen).

Let’s not forget mom’s out there, the stomach area is like going to a Barnum & Brothers’ circus show with front seat tickets. Believe me when I say, stretch marks was the last thing I selected when I was given to select my prime choice for body imperfections.

But I love them. I know it may sound as if I’m complaining or that I’m embarrassed to house such markings. I must inform you my dear, you are wrong.

Granted during the summer you may catch me hopping into swimming pool with an oversized t-shirt covering up funny, swervy lanes, but so what!

What Are Stretch Marks?

Defined by Mayo Clinic,

Stretch marks (striae) are pink, red or purple indented streaks that often appear on the abdomen, breasts, upper arms, buttocks and thighs and eventually fade to white or gray. Stretch marks are particularly common in pregnant women, especially during the latter half of pregnancy. Treatment can make stretch marks fade, but it won’t completely remove them.

These things are with you for life unless you have surgery that would include removing portions of your skin. Or if you’re brave enough, you could always get a tattoo cover up, but it is not that serious.

It Starts With Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my son, plenty of women who went through this stretch-a-thon forewarned me.

They told me but did I listen? No.

“Whatever you do, do not scratch when it itches!” Yup, I got the fog horn and smoke signal warning way before it even occurred. But baby when that stomach got ashy and began to itch?

Let me share a secret of embarrassment with you. My stomach got to me so bad that I took a wave brush and would scratch my bulging human belly under my skin became sore.

Scratach Away!

But I was content afterwards, looking like a drunken drunk slouched over the bar top. It felt amazingly and orgasmically outstanding!


Why would someone want to keep such a great feeling from me, was all that I could think of as I scratched away. What I couldn’t understand though was the areas in which I developed them.

I have them on my buttocks, breasts, pelvis area, stomach but where in the hell did the ones I have under my arms and behind my knees come from?!

Well, like many others, I blame not having that perfect beach body on having a child. I only cared about that present time and not the future when I scratched away at my pregnant stomach.

Proud With Stretch Marks

Let it be known though – I am not ashamed of my elongated beauty marks! I actually met a guy who told me that he had a stretch mark fetish. Do you know how good he must be feeling when he comes across a pact of women and their intrusive stretch marks??

So for everyone out there who may feel ashamed of their vertical love markings, I say this to you:

Love who you are, like you’ve never loved before!

Accept your body for what it is and keep it moving. You woke up this morning and so you have so much to be grateful for. Don’t allow something as simple as a stretch mark, to stop your parade.

At the end of the day, we’re all going to die. Who wants to die with a boring and plain body? I’m going six feet under with all my tiger stripes and I’m proud of it – so what!

Now it’s your turn – do you hide your stretch marks or are you proud of your body just the way it is?