Two Powerful Ways to Help Your Child Grow

Two Powerful Ways to Help Your Child GrowBeing a mother is a blessing (and also a challenge).

It’s the embodiment of love. Out of all the relationships you have in your life, the relationship between a mother and your child is a very valuable one.

It’s your responsibility to teach your child the core principles like love, affection, compassion, and tolerance. It’s a big job to have.

You are their role model and are responsible for your child’s all-round development. And while it’s easy to react to behaviors the best approach is to be a proactive parent.

So, it’s important to spend enough time with your kids so they learn from you. Here’s two ways you can strengthen that maternal bond and teach your children at the same time.

1. Spend More Time with Your Children

Time is always short because of our busy lives.

But if you use it wisely, both you and your kids will reap great rewards. Spend time with your child. Your child will find this special time more valuable than anything else you can give them.

Ten minutes of your time is worth more than the toys your child has. In the short time try to teach something good and new to your child.

Childhood is very short so we must allow them every possible opportunity to explore and experience life through the simple pleasures of play. Explore with them and challenge them throughout your day.

2. Play is the Beginning of Knowledge

Play has an important role in the life of a child.

In a world dominated by cartoon networks and apps, children are losing much of their play time.

Play is an important work of childhood, which makes them learn the basics of science and math. Playing with others helps your child to socialize.

Through simple play they learn everything about their world like the living and non living things, their relationships, concepts of size, shape, sound etc. Also, play helps them to answer the child’s constant question of how? Why? And what happens if? It also teaches about cleanliness.

So, get down on their level and play with them. You don’t need fancy toys; some hats and blankets and you can pretend to got to a party. Or if you have a car and blocks you can build towers and crash it with your car.

There you have it! It doesn’t take much to be the best mom you can be. Just being in the moment and teaching your children, rather than constantly telling them what they shouldn’t do will strengthen your bond and make each day memorable!

So, tell us, what do you do to make sure you’re the best mom to your child?

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