8 Household DIY Re-Purposing Ideas

8 Household DIY Re-Purposing IdeaDo you have a cluttered house? Or a dis-organized living room? Or, are you in a tight crunch and need to save some cash?

Why not re-purpose your old and used things?

Re-purposing is a smart way of reusing or recycling stuff which are no longer of any use for us. Besides serving a purpose, re-purposing is a money-saving and creative idea of restoring stuffs that are meant to be trashed.

Here are 8 such easy household DIY re-purposing ideas for you.

Liquid Hand-Wash from Leftover Bath Soap

Do you throw away leftover bath soap?

Next time onwards don’t throw them away in the trash, instead put them inside an empty liquid dispenser bottle add water into the bottle and let stand overnight.

Next day you will find the soap softened and ready to be used a liquid hand-wash.

Mason Jars and Broken Wax Crayons into Candles

Instead of throwing away old mason jars or any other jars to the trash, re-purpose them.

Transform your into homemade candles with the help of broken and unused crayons.

For this you will need:

  •   Amason jar
  • A piece of wick
  • An assortment of crayons
  • A few drops of essential oils if you want scented candles

Melt the crayons using a double boiler and pour the melted crayons into the jar with the wick in the center. Once the wax sets your candle will be ready to be lit

Old Chest of Drawers as Side Tables or Storage Units

Old chest of drawers can be re-purposed as side tables for kids or as cloth storage for small kids. I saw this idea during a visit to a family friend’s place of my mom-in-law.

Teacup Organizers

Got old and unused bone china tea cups lying in the kitchen cabinet?

Time to bring them out and re-purpose them as jewelry storage. You can keep your favorite pair of earrings, bracelet or those beautiful necklaces in them.

They look beautiful and add a bit of sophistication to your beauty regimen, even if you are finding ways to save on makeup.

Old Ice Trays and Tea Boxes as Munchies and Storage Units

You can make use of old ice trays as munchies for appetizers tray and tea boxes and soda crates as kids’ toy storage.

Re-Purpose Old Mason Jars as Flower Vases

mason flower jarYou can do so much with mason jars.

Got this idea from a recent visit to a store where I saw mason jars being sold as flower vases with a high price tag.

This gave me an idea to make use of old mason jars into flower vases without spending much.

You’re living room will modern simply with a few mason jars with beautiful flowers.

Recycle Plastic Bottles and Cans into Planters

I found one of the best use of plastic bottles, especially soft-drink bottles and coke cans, which I learned from my mother few years ago.

For plastic bottles you can simply cut the bottle into the desired height by marking the level to be cut with a permanent marker pen and then cut the marked portion with the help of a cutter.

Ideal for planting small plants such as herbs (cilantro, mint, small flowering plants).

Turn Wine and Fruit crates into Planters

Wine Crates too are great to be re-purposed as planters.

Back at my paternal house we planted several vegetables and herbs planted in fruit crates. You can get them for free or pay a small amount and make use of them to plant vegetables or even flowers and have your own mini garden.

Are you ready to explore your things and find other ways to use them?

Try and re-purpose old stuff and save money by turning them into new creative stuffs.

Let us know in the comments below what things you are re-purposing!


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