8 Tips To Help Working Moms Organize Their Family and Work Life

At one point in our lives, we all have strived to be “supermom.”

8 Tips to Help Working Moms Organize Your Home Life and Work LifeThat mom who need not don a superhero costume for people to know that “she can do it all” because it’s too obvious.

We’ve tried to do it all only to end up spreading ourselves too thin. We then realized being “supermom” isn’t possible. With so many work commitments and family obligations to juggle, running an organized and happy household becomes a daily struggle.

Despite this, here’s the good news: you can keep your life and your home organized better by streamlining your daily routine at home and every aspect of your working life. Here’s how.

1. Get Your Kids Ready for School the Night Before

After your kids have done all their homework and projects, go through all of their backpacks and make sure they’ve got everything they needed ready.

Prepare their lunch, school uniforms, and other stuff so all they have to do the next day after getting themselves ready is pick up their back packs and go to school.

2. Get Yourself Ready First Thing in the Morning

Make sure you are ready for the day before thinking about every member of your family. Get up earlier than your kids and husband and prepare yourself before you wake them all up.

3. Do the Laundry Every Day

Put your day’s laundry in the washer while doing other tasks. Put the clothes in the dryer before you go to work. This is so much better and less stressful than doing a mountain pile of one week’s laundry.

4. Clean the Bathroom Each Day

This may seem impossible given your long list of to-do’s for each day but it can be done.

How? Here’s the trick.

As your kids take a bath during the night before jumping to bed, clean the bathroom’s floors and walls. It’s also a great opportunity to talk to them about how their day at school went. Doing it this way not only helped you clean the bathroom but also allowed for some bonding before bed.

5. Have a Weekly Menu Planned for the Family

Write down ten to twenty of your family’s favorite meals. Then assign which of these meals you want to include in the weekly menu.

Once you’ve decided, write down all the ingredients together with all the grocery items you need to buy. Once the list is complete, go to the grocery store to shop everything so you don’t find yourself straggling into the mall often because of ingredients you’ve forgotten.

6. Have a Storage System for the Toys

Your kids probably have a lot of toys which makes managing them a challenge.

With this said, know that you can keep things organized in two ways. First, you need to have boxes with lids and see-through bins as storage units for all the toys. Secondly, teach your kids (even toddlers) to clean up their toys by putting them to the boxes and bins after playtime.

7. Assign Chores to Your Children

You don’t have to do it all. Depending on the age of your children, you can assign age-appropriate chores to them to divide the work.

This not only makes your house tidy and organized but also teaches your children how to be accountable and responsible even at a young age.

8. Schedule Everything

You’re busy. You’re a mom after all and time management can take the best of you.

List everything – appointments with clients, activities at school, and daily things to do in a notebook or a calendar in your smart phone. This helps you to figure out a strategy which will help you do all things the night before.

Go over it in the morning and make sure you enlist the help of your kids to lighten your heavy schedule.

All working moms face the struggle of keeping her family and work life organized. Depending on your circumstance and unique situation, work out a plan that will help you best to manage your work and family life better with the help of the tips tackled above.

Over to you – how do you keep your home and work life running smoothly? Share your ideas with us!

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