Say Bye to Negative Body Image With These 5 Practices

Say Bye to Negative Body Image: 5 Practices to Help You Love Yourself

The road to body positivity is a long, winding, and rough road.

Well, that was my case for me. After giving birth and experiencing the body changes brought about by pregnancy, I have struggled with my body weight. Add the caterpillar looking scar in my belly and a number of stretch marks, the result was an unhappy new mom.

What I Felt Post Pregnancy: 5 Worries That Didn’t Help Me

I was happy with my newborn baby. However, at the back of my mind I was starting to hate my post baby body for how it looked like. Here are some things I worried about incessantly (which some women may have felt at one point, too).

1. I Worried About Every Single Bite I Took

Whether it’s a healthy smoothie or a cookie, I felt anxious when I eat. I was taking mental notes of what I’ve eaten for the day and how I can eat less the next day.

2.  I Worried About My Body’s Most Problematic Parts

I looked in the mirror not to appreciate my body for how strong it has been for helping me bear the pain of labor and childbirth. I looked at it to complain about how problematic some of my body parts looked and wondered what I can do to change them.

3. I Worried About How I Looked with Everything I Wear

Given the weight gain, I worried about how huge I am that my old clothes won’t look good on me anymore, even if I can still fit myself to them.

4. I Worried About Someone Taking a Picture of Me

I never took any post baby selfie except for one photo while I was nursing my baby. When friends and family came to visit, I never joined them for picture-taking opportunities.

5. I Worried About What People Will Say

I rarely went out. I never joined any family or friend gatherings. I stayed indoors and avoided attending any kind of celebrations.

Fall In Love With Your Body Again: 5 Crucial Practices to Make It Happen

Every person who has experienced major changes in their physical appearance has at one point, hated their bodies.

So if you’ve lived with a negative body image for a long time now, it’s about time you say goodbye to it. Here are five important habits you should practice to help you love yourself and your body again.

1. Don’t Live Your Life According to What the Media Dictates

The media has been consistent in showing everyone what to look like.

You can help yourself by staying away from magazines or publications which display this kind of content. Do not attempt to follow any unrealistic advice on dieting and exercising. Also, you’ll do yourself a huge favor by not comparing yourself to the unrealistic bodies you see online or in print.

2. Stick to a Workout Routine that Your Body Can Handle

Let’s face it.

While it’s always nice to challenge ourselves from time to time, the intensity of workout routines that we can handle varies for each of us. It’s good to push yourself to your limit but only within the healthy limit. Do not go overboard.

3. Take Time to Appreciate Your Body Each Day

How many of us see what our body lacks more than the wonderful things it does for us? When was the last time you thanked your body for allowing you to do everything you needed to do for the day?

If it has been a long time, you can begin by thanking it each morning as you get up to seize the day and every night before you jump to bed. You will appreciate your body more and begin to love it again if you do this consistently.

4. Eat Intuitively

You can do this by eating anything you believe is healthy and beneficial for your body. It’s learning how to follow your signals and taste buds. It’s challenging in the beginning but with perseverance, you can make it.

5. Strive for Progress

No matter how small it is, if you saw an improvement in your body and self-acceptance, remember that’s it is still considered a progress. You should give yourself credit for it. You should continue to work until you’ve embraced your whole body and soul for what it is again.

You Can Kick Negative Body Image Out Of Your System

Loving your body after you’ve hated it for so long doesn’t happen overnight. So be easy on yourself. With hard work and patience, you’ll succeed in kicking negative body image out of your system for good.