How to Rock Your Skinny Jeans…Men!

How to Rock Your Skinny Jeans...Men!Men’s fashion is currently at it’s peak.

Just a few years ago, men’s fashion and style as we know it today was miles away from what it is now. Obviously, men still wore clothes and seasonal catwalks. But, the desire to dress well, look good and be fashionable was nowhere near as strong as it now and keeping up with the latest trends is now arguably as important for men as it is for women.
The fashion industry is a fairly complex one with styles coming and going, coming and going then coming back around again. Some fashions cause huge amounts of controversy whereas others have hit the ground running.

Some have become rather timeless such as denim jeans (although of course different styles vary in popularity). Skinny jeans are one of those fashions that has come back around, caused a little bit of controversy, been popular with different groups of people but rather than burning out, they have very much held their own and are firmly grounded in nearly all sartorial circles.

Once the babies of indy musicians and over emotional teenagers, skinny jeans have now evolved, moved with the times and grown into the hugely popular and pretty much staple item of men’s wardrobes.

With that said, wearing the skinny jean and making it look good is not all that easy so we have put together a quick guide with the help of the expert men’s fashion store, The Selectiv:

The Fit

Generally speaking, jeans come in two basic categories: spray on skinny jeans and standard skinny jeans.

Spray on styles usually have a higher proportion of elastane and are designed to cling to the leg all the way down to the ankle. Standard style skinny jeans however, tend to have either none or a small percentage of elastane (for comfort purposes).

They tend to not cling quite as much and have a wider ankle opening. So with this in mind, working out which style of skinny jean is going to suit your body type the best is very important. What you feel most comfortable in is what you should go for although generally speaking, bigger builds tend to avoid the spray on style and are more partial to the standard style, whereas smaller builds may find the spray ons very comfortable and balance out their frame well.

How To Wear

Try to avoid the ‘all tight everything’ trap that many men seem to get caught  in. Any skin tight t-shirts should be swapped with looser, regular fitting styles which give more room. You could even get a normal tee in a size larger to give an even better fit.

It’s key to realize when it’s suitable to wear skinny jeans and what sort of skinny jean.

Spray on jeans are nothing but super casual and therefore don’t mix well with formal wear or any sort of smart tailoring. The sort of combinations you should be wearing with spray ons is street wear inspired pieces such as bomber jackets, fashion trainers and longline tees/shirts.

With the more standard style skinny jeans, the above look also works very well with them but they can also be worn in a more formal way with a tucked in shirt or tighter top.

For all skinny jeans, monochrome colour palettes work very well as well as black, grey, navy and white with small blasts of color such as the shoes. Contrasting weights and textures such as wools and juxtaposing leather matched with lightweight cotton also work great as a cutting edge fashion look.

We hope this guide has been useful for you in advising you how to wear your skinny jeans and what the best look for you would be.

Tell us men, are you up for some skinny jeans?