7 Days Of Getting Used To A Waist Trainer

Be it butts or curves, Kim Kardashian has been quite the inspirational trendsetter for a handful of women of all shapes, sizes, and waist-trainer-pinages out there.

Her pictures in a waist trainer on Instagram a couple of months ago have definitely gotten all the women wanting that curvy hourglass shape now. The dangers of wearing a waist trainer corset aside, if you wear it sensibly, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Here’s a say to say guide if you’re a beginner.

Day 1

Start off slow; wear your waist trainer for no more than 2 hours on the first day. If you feel that you can handle a bit more, then go up to 3. Also, try not to exercise on the first day; just practice walking around the house as you do your regular chores.

Day 2

4 hours! Be prepared to feel a bit rigid; your body will eventually get used to it. However, don’t push yourself; listen to your body. If it hurts, remove the trainer and/or cut the duration till you get used to 4 hours of waist training. Try to begin exercising in your waist trainer on the second day. Pilates or basic stretching are great to prepare the body for lengthier sessions in your cincher.

Day 3

Wear the waist trainer for up to 6 hours. Throw in a couple of minutes of cardio with the stretches to build your endurance. Don’t hesitate to increase the hours beyond 6 if your body can handle it. The longer you wear your waist training garment, the more dramatic the results will be.

Day 4

By the fourth day, you should be wearing your waist trainer for at least 8 hours a day. You should also begin to notice that your eating habits have diminished due to the waist trainer constricting your stomach and the amount of food it can take in. This is actually what you should be aiming for as a decreased appetite will result in weight loss.

Day 5

At this point, increasing the hours you keep your waist trainer on your body isn’t as important as adopting a healthy life style. You should aim for 20 minutes of cardio along with a proper fitness regime to train your body for even more drastic results.

Eating healthy food rich in minerals, vitamins, and high quality carbs goes without saying. Oh, and if you really want a number for the waist trainer, 9 hours should be good enough.

Day 6

If you start to feel that your waist training garment is getting slightly loose, that’s a good sign.

Obviously, tighten your trainer’s closure to adjust to the changes in your body and to increase its effectiveness. Your aim should be to wear the trainer for 10 straight hours at least 2 of which should be during physical exercise. If you accomplish this and maintain it for the next 8 weeks, you’re going to be in love with what you see at the end of your rigorous waist training session for the perfect hourglass shape.

Day 7

Nothing less than 10 hours in the waist trainer, engage in some waist training like the Kardashians, and eat healthy!