4 Stylish Ways to Stay Fashionable On a Budget

4 Sylish Ways to Stay Fashionable on a BudgetIs it mission impossible to be a fashionista and not spend a fortune on clothes?

Can anyone who loves clothes proudly say that they manage to buy great items without having to put aside a significant amount of money?

Luckily, the answer to these questions is ‘yes’! There are so many ways to be fashionable and save money at the same time, that we are surprised when we don’t see more people doing this.

And don’t think you’re going to look like you didn’t spend anything on your wardrobe. The trick to spending less on fashion is to find the right deals and places.

Great looking pieces and fashion on a budget – here we come!

1. Find a Tailor

No matter if you need a tailor to alter the pieces you already have or you have an amazing idea for a new dress, having a good tailor to help you bring this plan into action is a must.

You will not believe what it’s like to have a piece hand made especially for you until it happens. And the price of material combined with what tailors take for their work is so much lower than the price of a piece of clothes in a store. Try it and see for yourself!

2. Classic Never Dies

Let’s face it – buying every fashionable piece in a season leaves you with a full closet and nothing to wear the following year.

Instead, you should try this approach: buy a few high quality, neutral-colored, timeless pieces you will wear all the time, season after season, and add fashionable and trendy accessories.

Statement necklaces, colourful scarves, big earrings, and trendy purses will all be there to make you look as if you’ve just walked out of a fashion show, but will save you a lot of money.

3. Discover Second Hand Shops

Second hand shopsThrift stores and second hand shops are probably the best thing that has ever happened to the budget-fashionistas around the world.

One on the best frugal tips I ever got was from my mom who told me (after I complained for a millionth time that I have absolutely nothing to wear) to go to a second hand shop just around the corner.

It is a world of clothes in excellent condition with even better prices – designer pieces, fashionable clothes, classic pieces… Whatever you can think of! These shops are on my list, and I go there every week.

Just be warned, you may spend a lot of time in there looking at all the great clothes and deals!

4. Look For Off-Season Sales

This requires some planning and forward thinking since you will be buying winter clothes in March and swimsuits in October. It may seem odd to you at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be dressing for less in no time.

Your clothes will be waiting in the closet for the right season patiently, and you will not have to worry about what to wear when the time comes.

In the end, it is important that you stay flexible and keep the spark of creativity lit at all times.

As a fashionista with a limited budget, you should take advantage of all these little tricks you have learned and be imaginative and inventive.

The easiest way to find your style is to blindly follow the rules dictated by designers, but it takes a lot more bravery, creativity, and inspiration to find something you can call your own unique style.

So, tell us, what budget tips can you give our fashionista readers?

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    I had a friend who designs and sews clothes. Got some cool pieces for good prices from her. I’d recommend it but you need a tailor or seamstress with a good working ethic because this girl took 3 months to get me a dress. Ridiculous. It’s a good idea but make sure you don’t have someone like I did.

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