Thinking About Being a Freelance Writer?

Did you know that there’s a high demand for freelance writers who can produce quality content online?Thinking About Freelance Writing?

In fact, in the last 10 years there’s been a 300% spike in hiring freelance writers.

So, how can you, a stay-at-home mom or someone who’s stuck at a dead end job, get your hands on this lucrative career?

If you think you have a knack for writing, then becoming a freelance writer or blogger is simple.

But first, let’s go over what a freelance writer actually does.

What is a Freelance Writer?

A freelance writer goes by many different names:

  • Freelance blogger
  • Freelance copywriter
  • Freelance article writer
  • Content writer
  • Blog writer strategist
  • Ghostwriter

Essentially, they all mean the same thing – a freelance writer is someone that gets paid to write.

Usually the writing is non-fiction, but there might be some ghostwriting jobs where you write a chapter or two of a novel (if the author is having writer’s block).

Freelance writers who write online need to know a thing or two about writing for the web and SEO tactics.

Many online writing jobs are for blogs, so knowing how to write a blog post is essential to making it as a freelance writer online.

Setting Up Your Writer Website

If you want to write online, you should have a writer website. If you already have a website or blog, you can definitely use that, but you just need to add a few pages to make it more professional.

Having a writer website is a great marketing tool and a place to showcase your writing work.

Here are the building blocks to a writer website:

  1. Services page: List what types of services you do. It can be anything from blog writing to social media management to press releases. Make it clear what you provide.
  2. Portfolio: This is where you link to all your published work. This can come from blog posts you have written or guest posts.
  3. Blog: You may already have a blog, but if you don’t, start a blog. This is the easiest way to build your portfolio. Write about what you want to get paid to write about. For instance, if you want to get paid to write about parenting, then make your blog about parenting.
  4. Contact page: List your contact information and make it easy for prospective clients to contact you.

Getting Your Name Out There

Think About Being a Freelance Writer?So, you’ve decided to be a freelance writer. You’ve set up your writer website and want to get things started. Great!

Now is the fun part. As a new freelance writer, you want to start building up your portfolio. An easy way to do this is to guest post on websites.

Simply type in  Google, “(topic) guest post” and see what comes up. If your expertise is in business, then look up business blogs that accept guest posts like Brazen Careerist.

Popular websites are usually the best places to guest post. They have a huge audience and many people know the site. But, in the same vein, it’s good to also guest post ANYWHERE since it’s a chance to get your name out there and have your work published.

Another great thing you can do is broadcast your services on social media. Make a business Facebook page. Create a business account on Pinterest. Just because you have social media accounts doesn’t mean your freelance writing business shouldn’t – give your business a profile on social media!

Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

How do you find work?

The best place to look for work is to hunt job boards. Two places that have a lot of job ads are:

You might be tempted to set up a profile on content mill sites or websites where hundreds of writers bid on a particular writing job. These writing jobs are usually not of quality and don’t pay more than $25.

To really earn the big bucks, hunt job boards and search for companies yourself.

One great place to find companies is LinkedIn. Here, you can locate companies in your writing niche and approach them by introducing yourself and what you can provide them.

Another place you can find companies is in your hometown. Maybe your church needs a newsletter or a small publication needs a couple articles a month. Find some time to approach these companies and let them know you’re available to do some writing.

Ready to Start Freelance Writing?

Anyone can be a freelance writer. You just need a passion to write, a willingness to learn and the patience to snag some high-paying clients!

Are you a blogger wanting to earn some extra cash? Why not open shop and freelance your writing? Give it a try and let us know in the comments how successful you are!

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