Top 5 Proven Ways To Combat Stress

Do you feel that every day you get stressed out? It doesn’t even have to be a big thing that stresses you out. Maybe you chipped a nail before leaving the house or you forgot to call the dry cleaners to see when to balance-yogapick up your clothes.

Whatever the circumstance is, stress seems to be a part of everyone’s daily life. It’s rare when you have any stress-free days. Heck, you would think a vacation could wipe away your stress, but if you’re like me, by the time you come home, you need a vacation from your vacation!

If every day you feel like pulling your hair out, maybe you need to take a look at what’s causing all your stress and find ways to bust stress out of your life.

Here are 5 ways to combat stress all in the comfort of your home.

1. Meditate Your Way to Sanity

Meditation is a quick and easy way to relieve your stress and leave you calm and peaceful. It can also improve your health.

Meditation acts as a way to stop your “flight or fight” adrenaline response that often accompanies stress. When you feel stress, people react with having an increase heart rate, sweating and a desire to flee or fight. So when you meditate, it helps to contradict those physiological responses and create a sense of calm and tranquility.

You may think you don’t know how to mediate or that you need to be in a special place to meditate, but in fact, anyone can meditate in any place. I’ve practiced meditation while at a doctor’s office to help ease off my anxiety of seeing doctors.

It’s quite simple. All you have to do is find a comfortable spot, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You can envision calming images or focus on the smells around you. If you want, you can silently repeat a mantra if that helps with battling anxiety.

Silently saying affirmations are a great way to relieve your stress, but to boost your confidence. Some positive affirmations I’ve used in the past are:

  • “I know I can do this.”
  • “Whatever I do, I do it with purpose.”
  • “There are no limits to what I can achieve.”
  • “I expect great things from myself.”
  • “I can have what I want right now!”

Try meditating and saying an affirmation to melt away your stress and leave you confident to do anything.

2. Exercise Your Way to a Better You

Even though you may not feel like running around, it really does help in alleviating your stress. Taking a brisk walk or a little jog in the fresh air does wonders for your body, both mentally and physically.

For me, when I know I have a deadline to meet or there’s a big presentation I have to do the following day, I often go out for a little jog the night before to relieve my tension and get away from my stress. I like to think the fresh air cleanses my mind and leaves me re-energized to deal with whatever stress I have still lingering at home.

What’s nice is that it starts to become a part of your weekly routine and you start looking forward to your alone time. Exercise not only helps manage your stress, but it’s been shown to reduce fatigue and improve your concentration.

If you use exercise to help alleviate your stress, what kind of exercise do you do? Leave a comment and let me know!

3. Make a Massage Your Go-To Stress Reliever

Who doesn’t love to get a massage after a hard day at work? Take off your shoes, relax on the couch and have your husband massage the tension right out of you. And who knows where that will take you?

Massage is great to use for releasing any tension you might have stored up in your body. I don’t know about you, but when I’m stressed, I’m tensed. I find that I clench my jaw throughout the day, leaving me with headaches on top of my stress.

If you don’t have someone to give you a massage, take a hot bath or listen to music. The warm water helps calm you down and if you add a little scented soap, the scent can soothe your body.

4. Save the Big Eating for Big Celebrations

I know. When you’re stressed out the first thing you do, is grab the nearest tub of ice cream or a box of cookies. This is a big no-no.

Eating sweets and carb-filled food may make you feel better in the short term, but don’t think you won’t feel guilty an hour later when the only thing in the box of cookies are crumbs.

If you’re under mild stress, the stress that you get everyday, you will have the urge to eat. Try to stick to your diet and eat healthy foods that will supply your body with the nutrients it needs during this time.

5. The Art of Aromatherapy

Using scent to wipe out stress is something many people do. For some reason, when you smell something pleasant, it changes your state of mind.

You can use just about anything you find pleasant to smell. Scented candles, lotions, and even essential oils can all create an aroma of tranquility.

So bust out your scented candles, and smell your way to a stress free evening!

Don’t Let Stress Take Over

You can be a stay-at-home mom or a barrista at your local coffee shop. Whatever the case may be, everyone has stress in their lives. With these easy tips you can do at home, you can learn to manage stress at the same time as improving your health!

What have you found to be the most effective in managing your stress? Let me know in the comments!