Vintage Retro – 5 Trendy Swimsuits for this Summer

Vintage Retro – 5 Trendy Swimsuits for this SummerAre you ready for summer? With the warm weather now here, looking good has never been more important. Fitting into your swimsuit can seem overwhelming, but shopping for them is oh so fun.

Retro prints and patterns are just unavoidable.

As old as they may become, they just keep coming back and we can’t seem to get enough of them. The pretty floral prints, the funky stripes and the cute polka dots; all these are timeless and never cease to impress.

With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to find the best one for your body type. That’s why here at LifeStyleBody, we want to make sure you look your best over the summer.

Below are the top 5 trendy swimwear from the vintage retro collection that you can shop to make this summer exciting.

1. Halter Swimwear

halter swimwear

The most flattering swimsuits of all time are halter swimsuits. They look great on a variety of body shapes but work exceptionally well for women with an hourglass figure. Halter swimwear defines and accentuates all the curves, making you look slender and attractive.

For those who wish to flaunt their assets at the beach or at a pool party, halter tops are just your kind of thing. They offer better support to bigger busts and divert attention from unflattering body areas.

You can get halter swimwear in a variety of fun prints and solid colors. Embellishments such as side ties really enhance the overall appeal of the suit too. Whether you prefer thick strapped halters or thin ones, you are sure to steal the limelight.

2. Swim Dress

swimdressThese are versatile and have a feminine feel about them. With a retro look reminiscent of former bathing beauties, these dresses offer a flattering and alluring appeal. Swim dresses define the waist and bust and draw attention away from an unsightly rear and thighs.

If you prefer to dress a little modestly for the beach or are self conscious about certain unflattering body areas, these swim dresses work well to camouflage the flaws and highlight the most appealing areas. Go for pretty floral prints for a stunning retro look at the beach.

3. A One-Piece Swimsuit

one pieceA must have for your summer wardrobe; one-piece swimsuits offer timeless charm to your summer beach body. They look great on many body shapes and are available in various styles. Asymmetrical one-pieces are great to highlight a beautiful neckline and collarbone while those with stylish cuts can really accentuate the curves of ladies with a smaller built. To look like a classy and vintage retro beach model, opt for polka dot printed one-pieces.

4. High-Waisted Bikini

high waisted bikiniThese are perfect to give your rear a shapely look. High waisted bikinis are the ideal retro look for this summer. They offer support and coverage to big butts without compromising on the charm and allure of your body shape. Available with a variety of embellishments, high waisted bikinis allow you to flaunt your feminine perfection under the sun.

5. Clean Skirted Bikini

clean bikiniYour curves deserve attention and clean skirted bikinis do just that. They add a touch of feminine charm and highlight your curves so you can confidently move about in your tiny beach skirts. Flirty and flattering, these are one of classiest beachwear to get this summer.
The skirts vary in length. Some offer coverage till the mid thighs, some only cover the upper thighs and yet, there are some that have a skirty frill around the rear. It totally depends on what makes you feel more confident and comfortable.
Go retro with flirty floral prints or color blocked bikinis for a striking vintage look.

So, which of these retro fashion trends will you follow in this summer season?