Want to Build a Blog But Don’t Know What to Blog About? Here’s a Quick Fix

Want to Build a Blog But Don't Know What to Blog About? Here's a Quick FixMost people don’t get started blogging because they’re afraid everything has already been said before. But that’s not true.

You can find common topics out there, but no one has the same voice like you. No one can say the things you the way you can. Your experiences and passion are what makes you unique. And that’s where you start when you try to figure out what to blog about.

Your Experiences

Take into consideration your experience in the topic you’re going to blog about. You don’t have to be a journalist to write. Nor do you need any college degree to earn the right about your topic.

As long as you know enough based on your experience about the topic you’re going to blog about, you can start a blog.

For example, ever wanted to blog about hairstyling but never had a formal training about it? You can still blog about it! Do you know enough hairstyles that an average woman knows? Do you have a knack of demonstrating how to do a certain hair style so your girlfriend can copy it? Do your friends always compliment how you style your hair and others?

Your experience, and the skills that come with it, positions you as an authority in your niche.

Your Passions

If you decide to blog, know that this is a regular activity you’re going to do. If you can consistently write about a certain topic without getting bored, that’s passion! It’s easy to get tired of writing about something you’re not passionate about. But if you’re writing about something you’re in love with, you’ll never get tired of it.

In fact, if you love your topic, the more you can think about blog topic ideas that you can write.

So now that we’ve covered your foundations, time to pick your topic. Again, you should choose a topic based on your experiences and your passions. To get your creative juices flowing, here are some blog topics you can blog about:


Create your unique voice by tackling a unique topic about makeup. Make a bold statement. Instead of blogging about big make up brands, tackle topics about:

  • Organic makeup
  • Vegan or cruelty free makeups
  • Cosplay
  • Makeup in different countries or generations

This will make your blog unique from other me-too blogs out there.


  • DIY’s
  • Show your readers how they can be fashionable using DIY projects.
  • Thrift Store fashion – You think there are gems in thrift stores? Blog about your finds and teach your readers how to find one!


  • Vegan
  • Paleo/Primal
  • Gluten free
  • Food from the country you were born
  • Your dining experiences


Create your own theme like:

  • Retro art
  • Naturalistic art
  • Night life
  • Oceanic art

DIY skin care

  • Talking about acne prone skin
  • Beauty regimen for the busy mom
  • Natural products for your skin


Fitness Blogs

  • For teens
  • For career women
  • For stay at home moms


  • Your pets
  • Your love of books
  • Organizing
  • Frugal living
  • Arts and Crafts


  • Exotic lands
  • Traveling for one
  • Exploring your own country
  • “Must see” tips
  • Discover unusual locations not usually traveled to

Now that you know what to blog about

Remember the golden rule of blogging. Always share information that is useful to your readers. Or else they wouldn’t care about reading your blog. Your blog’s goal should be to help other people.

Blogging can make you a living. But before you can do that, you must have to serve your audience.

Always put your readers first. Think of ways on how to help them before thinking about monetizing your blog.

Now go build a blog that matters.

4 thoughts on “Want to Build a Blog But Don’t Know What to Blog About? Here’s a Quick Fix”

  1. Avatar
    Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo

    I have had a blog formed, but have not posted yet. I have to use wordpress’ free blog as I am poor. So, I won’t be able to monetize. Then, I do not own a digital camera for pictures. Do you think blogging is really for me? I write for a small Catholic newspaper. Thanks in advance!

    1. Avatar

      Hi Leiann!

      Great question! It’ doesn’t matter if you’re using a free WordPress blog. As long as you have the passion to consistently produce quality blog posts about your chosen topic. You can also earn money through freelance writing. Use your blog as your portfolio. When you start earning you can then afford to buy your domain and hosting. 🙂

      There are also lots of websites out there that offer FREE information about how you can earn money through writing online.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Hi Joy,

    Great post! I know when I first started my blog what I wanted to write about, freelance writing of course! Now, it’s geared towards online writers in general and I’m loving writing about it.

    Thanks for the great post.


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