Are You Wearing That? Dress Styles to Avoid When You’re 30

They say that everything changes after you are 30.You're Wearing That? Dress Styles to Avoid When You're 30

Some of us are married with children, while others are climbing the corporate ladder, while still others are single and loving every minute of it dressing up and going out.

You enter a mature state of life after all these years exploring your inner self. You are in a position in your life when you know who you are and what you want from life. With age, comes wisdom, right?

All this should be followed by a slight change in what you wear. If you’re still making fashion mistakes, then keep reading.

For example, for most 30 something year-old women, wearing a super miniskirt or minidress does not attract future dates anymore. And this is not about a miniskirt only, but a variety of different pieces of clothes.

So, let’s take a look at what women in their 30’s should not be wearing and instead, find out what they should be wearing.

1. Old sneakers

Who doesn’t have a pair of old comfortable sneakers?

When you were 20, it was a kind a cool to match your old sneakers, jeans and a blazer to get the street style. But when someone sees you in your 30’s wearing something like that, they may think that your look is immature.

It also signals to others that you don’t care about your look and that you would rather dress for comfort than for style.

Replace your sneakers with a pair of heels or ballet flats. You will keep the street style you like so much, but it will definitely look more sophisticated, as it should when you enter your thirties.

2. Leggings

Leggings should be reserved for the gym. End of story. There are so many skinny colored jeans that look similar to leggings. However, skinny colored jeans are the way to show you are mature and smart woman.

3. Furry shoes

Furry boots transport us to high school. Also, they are also associated with juvenile style. And they should rest in that period of your life.

They may be super cute, but you should forget about wearing them as soon as you reach your 30’s. I Colorful ballet flatsmean, you’re not hitting the rave parties anymore, so stop dressing like you are.

In addition, do not wear furry sandals either, except if you are heading to a Halloween party. They may look cheap and you do not want to produce that kind of impression when you’re supposed to look like a sophisticated young woman.

Instead of furry shoes, opt for animal print or colorful boots, sandals or flats. They dress up an outfit and give it a pop of personality.

4. Minidress

Minidresses are another piece of clothing item you should avoid when you are thirty.

Dresses that reveal a bit too much are definitely the thing to forget about. There are other ways to look sexy. When you are 30, replace your mini dresses for midi-length ones. In order to look sexy, choose a midi dress with a low V-neckline or a strap back.

You’ll look sexy in this kind of a dress as well. What you add to your look is a touch of elegance and sophistication.

5. Tube top

Tube tops are definitely something you should avoid. When you were 20, they were kind of OK. But now, just no. Too much skin! They also signal to others that you’re ready to go to a beach party. Too casual for every day wear.

Try wearing a backless top for a night out. Or a strap back shirt. However, you should avoid the last one for the office. Or you can wear a strapless top under a blazer, which is more appropriate.

6. Graphic T-shirt

Graphic t-shirtGraphic T-shirts were super cool pieces of clothes for a college or a high school years. Now, it is just too much. There is a slight chance that someone will take you seriously if you’re wearing a graphic T-shirt for a job interview, for example.

You should opt for tops, shirt and blouses which are more subtle.

All these piece of clothes give the impression of an immature woman in her 30s. This is not only about clothes. The point is that nobody will take you seriously no matter what you do. You may have the most perfect business idea, but if you wear a pair of old sneakers with your graphic tee, you are going to lose the chance to prove yourself. The time that you become an elegant, smart and trendy woman has come.

7. Miniskirt

By the age of 30, it’s advisable to get rid of miniskirts as well. Tutu skirts are another piece of clothing item you should avoid as much as possible.

This other type of skirt is more appropriate – a pencil skirt. Or any other skirt which is above the knee. A leather jacket is the perfect combination for a pencil skirt. Even though you are 30, it does not mean that you shouldn’t have fun. Pair a print pencil skirt with a statement necklace, it is all you need to look beautiful and chic.

Turning 30 doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore. It just means you have a new version of fun. Cocktail parties, get togethers with your friends, clubbing every once in a while and hanging out at a restaurant are things many women in their 30’s do to have fun.

So, have you changed you style as you approached your 30’s? What’s the one piece of fashion advice you would give others who are turning 30? We want to hear from you!