Infographic: 8 Work-Life Balance Tips For Busy Moms

Infographic: 8 Work-Life Balance Tips For Busy MomsAs a mom, I know what it’s like to wish for more hours in the day or my favorite, wishing for a clone to help me get through a typical busy day that has become the norm around here.

I’ve spent plenty of time looking for the perfect formula for work-life balance. Have I found it? Nope, not yet but the search continues.

I did find an infographic that has 8 work-life balance tips for busy moms. We may not ever achieve the perfect work-life balance but it’s not as hard as we think it might be. Just by applying suggestions like the ones in this infographic might get us a step closer.

8 Work-Life Balance Tips for Busy Moms #infographic

Let’s break down those 8 tips a little more.

1. Prepare the Night Before

Isn’t it funny how running behind schedule even for 5 minutes can throw a whole day off? That’s why it’s better to prepare for a new day the night before.

Things like having the kitchen cleaned, getting clothes ready and having lunches and backpacks ready to go can definitely time-savers.

2. Plan Meals Ahead

Planning meals for the week is a great idea. If you haven’t tried it, you should give it a whirl.

Once a week, for me it’s Saturday, make a list of what you want to cook for the week. Chop up veggies and put them in containers. You can even use color-coded lids to mark a day of the week. If you’re adding boxed foods like mac and cheese, you also put dry items in a color-coded container as well. So when it’s time to cook, all you have to do is pick the colored container for that day of the week with all the ingredients you’ll need.

3. Utilize the Internet

Before heading out to the store to pick up and item, read through products specs, customer reviews, and even shop around for the best deal. That way you know exactly what you’re getting and what store to go to for the best deal.

Automatic bill pay was invented for people like me…forgetful. If the hubs only knew how many times I’ve been late paying a bill, especially a new account his head would spin, hehe.

Not only does it help the forgetful pay their bills on time but it saves time from having to pull up each account individually.

4. See if Work Can be Flexible

The infographic refers to working outside the home and talking to an employer about flex work. But if you’re running a business from home or online outsourcing is the best gift you can give yourself.

Determine which tasks can be outsourced and search on sites like Fiverr for someone who can take on those responsibilities to free up more of your time.

5. Make a Family Calendar

I love using Cozi to keep me organized. It’s a free app for busy families that has features like a calendar, shopping list, to-do list. What I love about Cozi is the whole family can access the calendar. It’s great to set reminders for doctor appointments or other important events.

6. Leave Work at Work

If you work in an office, you get to log off and take off the day. When you work from home it can be hard to sign off when you get caught up in the moment or when you’re “in the zone.”

It’s important to set a schedule and stick to it. So if you’re schedule says you sign off at 5pm, by all means sign off.

7. Make “You” Time a Priority

Plan a lunch date with friends or have date night with your sweetie. Or spend some time watching your favorite shows. I believe they call it binge watching now.

Whatever it is, have some “me” time to decompress and relax.

7. Give Up on Perfection

I think we are our worst critic. We need to let go of the idea of being the perfect mother and stop the comparisons. It’s like my mom used to say, as long as the kids are breathing and not eating, you’re doing fine.

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Have you achieved work-life balance? Tell me about some of the things you do to achieve it.

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