4 Writing Tips That Make You Look Like a Blogging Pro

4 Writing Tips That Will Make You a Blogging ProYou just started a blog and you’re smiling from ear to ear.

You want to share your knitting tips to the world and can’t wait to start. You set aside time to write your blog post and quickly whip up some posts.But, after six posts, no comments and very little shares you’re not sure whether you want to continue.

Does this sound like you?

While many people want to start a blog, once they get down to writing it, they end up writing something for their high school teacher.

You don’t understand because this is how you were taught to write. So, what gives?

Blog writing is much different from other forms of writing. To get people talking about your content, you not only have to have quality writing, but also make sure your audience benefits or learns from your post.

Another key element is making sure how you write is easy for your audience to read.

So, lets look at four writing tips that will transform your blog post from a big wall of text your teacher would love into a piece of writing your audience craves.

1. Create A Lot of White Space

Your blog post needs to be easy to read. For some reason, reading on a screen is hard on the eyes. So, to make it more likely your audience actually reads your post and doesn’t glide over them, make sure to do the following:

  • Use short paragraphs: make 2-3 sentence paragraphs. This makes it easy for people to read your blog. Having big blocks of text – 5-6 sentences – makes it extremely difficult to read on a laptop or mobile phone. So chop up your paragraphs.
  • Include bullet lists and numbered lists: see what I did here? I included a bullet list in this blog post. This is an effective way to put a lot of information in your post but also to create an easy experience of reading your post.
  • Include sub-heads: sub-heads not only keep you organized by providing an outline, but they also help a reader know what your post is about.

When you create more white space it makes it easy for your readers to pick out the most important parts of your post. And when this happens, it makes it more likely that a reader will finish your post.

2. Write a Great Introduction

After having a eye-catching headline, having an introduction is how you will hook a reader into reading your entire post. If your introduction doesn’t pique a reader, why would they keep on reading?

Here are some tips to make your introduction stand out and keep your audience wanting more:

  • Use a story: Stories always gets a reader wanting to read more. When you provide a relatable story then it makes a reader feel more comfortable and has them saying, wow she really gets me.
  • Be Unusual: Sometimes throwing something in left field can quickly pique a reader’s interest. They want to know how does this relate to the post? Or, they want to find out how it turns out in the end. For example, one of ProBlogger’s intro starts like this:

    ‘Hi Michael, it’s nice to meet you.’ These were the first words my wife spoke to me.Not the most spectacular start to a relationship…. considering my name is Darren.

  • State a fact: People often like when you start off with a startling fact or even just a standard fact. They want to know what angle you’re taking.

3. Always Edit Your Work

I know:

You just think it’s only a blog post, no big deal. But, you never know who’s going to read your blog post. Maybe it’s an influencer in your niche. Or, it’s a business that needs a freelance writer and they spotted your blog posts. Whatever the reason, it’s always a good thing to edit your blog post.

Nowadays, there are free editing tools you can use like Grammarly, where you can quickly run it through and have it catch any misspellings or grammar mistakes.

It’s also a good idea to give your blog post time to breathe. This just means don’t look at your post for a day or two. When you go back and read it, you’ll probably notice mistakes that you never saw before.

4. Create an Outline Before You Write

This is something you learned in school and is one of the things you should do with your blog posts. Before typing the first word of your post, make an outline!

Think of a topic and working headline. From there think about how long you want to make your blog post. Ideally, anything between 800-1200 words is standard for blog posts.

Then come up with some points you want to mention and do a quick research to see if you have enough resources to use.

Once you have a working outline, it’s a cinch to write your post. There’s no more hemming and hawing about what to include and all you’ll have is a clear view of what you’re suppose to write.

So, give it a try!

There You Have It!

These writing tips will put you on the fast track to being a blogging pro! By creating more white space, having a killer introduction and making sure you edit your work, your post will be lighting up social media!

Over to you – tell us what your number one writing tip is for awesome blog posts.

2 thoughts on “4 Writing Tips That Make You Look Like a Blogging Pro”

  1. Avatar

    Yessss!! This was me the first few weeks of posting onto my blog. I felt the content was raw, rugged and daring. However, it was as if people were afraid to comment. I still keep at it – I just try my hardest at marketing it in various ways.

    Thanks for the advice!

    1. Avatar

      That’s where many bloggers fail right? They begin a blog and when no one shows up they stop writing.

      This blog is a side project/passion of mine and I don’t get many comments, but that’s okay! Eventually I will 🙂

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